•SPLIT •Rosé All Daé by Gallagher fragrances •Rosé All Daé was

•Rosé All Daé by Gallagher fragrances
•Rosé All Daé was originally inspired by an exceptionally aromatic Cinsault rosé originating from the Texas High Plains. Of course, this inspiration only served as a starting point, because what came to be was something that even the perfectionist in me was completely smitten by. Aged in stainless steel, with the sweet and tasteful olfactive notes of apple crisp, plum, brown sugar, golden honey, and tonka bean absolute, and soldered together by an exquisite Turkish rose absolute, this eau de parfum will keep you warm and elicit happy thoughts on some of the cooler Fall and Winter days.
•Notes: Apple Crisp, Plum, Turkish Rose Absolute, Brown Sugar, Golden Honey, Tonka Bean Absolute, Labdanum, Vanilla, Australian Sandalwood, Patchouli, White Musk, and Stainless Steel
•Concentration: Eau de Parfum
•Bottle will be ordered when full
•US only
•10ml $21
1st bottle
1. Tommy Bellic 30ml Partial?
2. Chris Jenkins 10ml?
3. Alexander Riggins 10ml?
4 Frederick Helton Jr. 10ml?
5. Carlos Colom 20ml?
6. Alex Guzman 10ml?
7. Rudy Jewelz 10ml ?
2nd bottle
1. Brad LaMorgese 10ml
2. Talib Ali 10ml
3. Adam Spytma 20ml
4. Alan Arellano 10ml
5. Faraz Ansari 10ml


  1. Pio Villagran says:

    Second bottle opened

  2. Pio Villagran says:

    Partial still available 40ml minimum and 50ml left

  3. W Douglas Banks says:

    Pio Villagran how much?

  4. Pio Villagran says:

    W Douglas Banks $95 for 40ml partial with full presentation.

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