2 sprays of Prada L’homme 8am, it’s now after

2 sprays of Prada L’homme 8am, it’s now after 6pm and I just got a random whiff from it. #performancebeast


  1. Nelson René Ramírez says:

    Lucky pH skin, to me the longevity it’s 4hrs top ?

  2. Jack Wang says:

    Its actually pretty rare a cologne can last around 10hours on my skin. My Aventus usually lasts around 4hours…

  3. Parham Shalchian says:

    Some popular you tubers said performance is only 3-4 hours …

  4. Jack Wang says:

    Parham Shalchian longevity can vary on different skin types. Also temperature and humidity can play a part too. For my skin and environment, this fragrance lasts like a champ.

  5. Dude. It’s only 10 hours… nothing beastly about 10 hours longevity. ‘Beast’ starts from 14+ hours imo.

  6. Jack Wang says:

    to each his own i guess, 10 hours is a beast in my book!

  7. Jack Wang I’m just saddened to see that the industry pump out fragrances that on average have poorer longevity than the stuff that was available 5-10 years ago. and I’m not talking about reforms but rather new releases.

  8. Jack Wang says:

    Roma Nik i agree. for example, my 2017 aventus only lasts 4-5 hours (i know this is a reform). for a fragrance at that price point i was expecting at least 8 hours. it smells amazing though….

    im looking forward to try the new prada l’homme absolu, im expecting longer performance

  9. Nate Manning says:

    Jack Wang in my book too ?

  10. Derek Pruitt says:

    I’d say 10 hours is pretty beast for a designer

  11. EJ Trinidad says:

    I need this fragrance. I’m looking to get for a decent price tho.

  12. Jack Wang says:

    EJ Trinidad check if you can find some tester bottles around.

  13. EJ Trinidad says:

    Jack Wang thanks

  14. Jack Wang says:

    EJ Trinidad no problem. L’homme absolu recently just came out. Look out for some reviews on that one maybe that one is more for you.

  15. Kyle Armstrong says:

    Hell yeah. The intense also has great longevity it will stay on my skin for well over 12 hours

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