$825 New Creed! Top note: Calabrian bergamot,

$825…. New Creed! Top note: Calabrian bergamot, Bulgarian rose, white iris from Florence, angelica – Middle note: Patchouli from India, Pink Pepper from Reunion, cedar, Bergamot from Italy – Base note:Bulgarian and Turkish rose, tuberose, neroli from Tunisia, pepper bay


  1. Diego Hernandez Sierra says:

    Wow, sounds amazings

  2. Matt Moseley says:

    Look forward to snagging it for $125 from a discount site in a year or two.

  3. Khiesah Imeccah says:

    Although its listed as a Womans’ fragrance…. I wouldn’t mind trying this STRICTLY around the HOUSE for a 12-Hour TRIAL for a single day to see what its like. Rose is my most favorite note next to oud, ambergris and cedar.

  4. Sean Alexander Mathews says:

    Right with you Ambergris and Oud are my favourite next with sandalwood

  5. Tayler Bayer says:

    But Bulgarian rose and citus are amazing

  6. Chris Sanderfer says:

    Man all those roses have my mind fuckin’ boggled… I want seriously want to try this shit asap. Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, Tuberose….. Oh My Gosh! I swear Im gonna layer this one with Spice and Wood. I’ll use 4-5sprays of Spice & Wood on the chest, with 2sprays of Rose Imperiale behind each ear.

  7. Pakdee Seesillapachai says:

    You think It will similar to Clive Rock Rose?

  8. Christoffer Storlund says:

    Never a Clive guy… I cant get into Clive for the life of me. Too fleeting, too british old’man like for me lol hahaha

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