A dragon fruit flower from my plant

A dragon fruit flower from my plant.


  1. Fay Desreaux says:

    They are really beautiful when in flower

  2. Hazel Greasley says:

    Never seen anything quite like it, amazing spectacular.?

  3. Corrina VanGeison says:

    I have to Google the difference between orchid cactus and Dragon fruit.

  4. Corrina VanGeison says:

    Mary VanGeison I have the orchid cactus. A flat stem and produces a different fruit.

  5. Rachna Joseph Hansen says:

    Here in India its also known as The Star of Bethlehem.

  6. Kriskari King says:

    They sell one dragonfruit at Kroger for $6… Just for one!!!

  7. Maureen Smith says:

    I an never ever seen anything like that Im gobsmack excuse my vocabulary

  8. Lisa Owens says:

    It’s a catus just can’t remember name

  9. Nina Roxanne Saari says:

    Dragonfruit … what we have planted

  10. Josephine Pangilinan says:

    So beautiful, looks like a king cactus.

  11. Jeannie-Marie Matlock says:

    I do believe yellow is my favorite.

  12. Loretta Byrum says:

    Does yours fruit? Mine blooms beautifully but does not set fruit. It is 10 years old!

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