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Feedback Friday—
**Today is the ONLY day of the week you can post a link to your Etsy shop**
Struggling with something in particular? Let us help you out! Feedback is SO important, so lets make it count!
In todays prompt, feel free to drop your shop link below and ask for some feedback. Bonus points if you ask for SPECIFIC feedback (and dont just drop your link and run because thats just not nice!) 🙂
If you ask for feedback, PLEASE be sure to leave some for someone else– its only fair! Also? Its a great way to make new Etsy-selling friends (collaboration potential, anyone?) 😉


  1. Taylor Knapp says:

    Im very new to Etsy, so Im not sure how helpful any of my advice would be. But just from a buyers perspective and as graphic designer who works a lot with user experience design of websites as my full-time job, I think you have some awesome product …

  2. Jo Rymell says:

    Thanks so much Taylor thats a great idea. We dont tend to look at our ownstore homepages so dont see this perspective. I will definitely do this, this week!

  3. Gabriel Lorien says:

    I would encourage you to work on improving the graphics for your header, profile icon, and your packaging. If you have any friends or family with a flare for digital design see if they can help you with a logo and packaging that is consistent across al…

  4. Lauren Gnapi says:

    Taylor Knapp hi! I would think you could put both in one shop… And I think using your name is fine! It does give you more flexibility for what you can list in your shop. Maybe add a tag line and image in your header so people get an idea of a more specific focus for what you offer? Id also add in all the “about” info too! Dont leave any areas empty ?

  5. Taylor Knapp says:

    Lauren Gnapi a tagline is a good idea, thank you! And I will definitely fill those fields in ??

  6. Milena Vuckovic says:

    I agree! Listing both illustrations and prints is just fine. I do the same 🙂 and I like the name of your shop, its already branded as it is! And yes, you do miss some info on your page – the about section, announcements, updates, etc. It would be also helpful to get some reviews, as you already had 4 sales. Good luck!

  7. Taylor Knapp says:

    Milena Vuckovic Thank you, that is good to know! Ill definitely update all that info. Is it ok to ask people to leave a review? Is there a good way to do that without seeming pushy?

  8. Aimee Wright says:

    First off… please tell me you could also make that fox necklace in bracelet form. Its ADORABLE!!!

    I like that your cover photo highlights a few of your designs. Have you checked to see how well your keywords are performing?

  9. Eliza Blueblack says:

    thank you! <3 i should search and open custom orders! giiive me some time, you can send me a message in etsy also to discuss it! well, i know SEO but i am not an expert, i havent spent so much time on this i feel I need to change some things!

  10. Aimee Wright says:

    SEO is how you get found, so its SUPER important. 🙂

  11. Milena Vuckovic says:

    Hi! Love your stuff! I will surely sell, just be patient! You can add some essential keywords below your shop name. Just to highlight what you do, and it may also increase your visibility by placing more and more keywords. And I can tell you that your fox is currently in 2 peoples carts 😉 fingers crossed!

  12. Milena Vuckovic says:

    Typo… It will surely sell. Your items, I mean ?

  13. Eliza Blueblack says:

    thank you!! <3 fingers crossed! i will follow your advice 🙂

  14. Eliza Blueblack says:

    Milena Vuckovic why cant i see this? 😛 i mean having my items in their carts..

  15. Milena Vuckovic says:

    It can only be seen from someone elses account. So, I can see it, but you sadly cant. Your bear is also in one cart currently ? hopefully it will lead to sale!

  16. Eliza Blueblack says:

    Milena Vuckovic unbelievable , wow you made me so happy right now!

  17. Aimee Wright says:

    Your cover photo and shop logo are beautiful! I also really like the listing photos using driftwood and shells… they highlight the fact that your jewelry is made from a natural beach stone, which is cool.

    Have you tried a google keywords search? Ma…

  18. Gayle McIntire says:

    Aimee Wright thank you, so nice of you! I have used both google and Marmalead which helped awhile back. Good idea to look at them again.

  19. Kristen Moy says:

    I love your shop! And, I dont wear a lot of jewelry! But, I did favor it! I really like the stone thing your doing! ?

  20. Aimee Wright says:

    The first thing I see is that there is not a lot of variety to the shop other than shirt colors. Also, your cover photo has a cute pic of a child wearing the shirt, but then 99.9% of the listing photos are just a flat tee. Id try and get more “real people” shots.

  21. Cleria Norzagaray says:

    You need to use cute mockups that is very important in Etsy, I sell t-shirts too Im using printful, printify and printed mint and I have mockups in all my products you can find them in etsy theres a lot of stores that sells mockups, also you need more variety, more words(lettering designs) just my opinion, good luck ??

  22. Mouni Abdelli Lou says:

    Sarah Rachel for tshirts i would like to see real people wearing it ??

  23. Lauren Gnapi says:

    I see a lot of the same designs but just different color shirts. Maybe have just one listing and have a selection for which color they want? It gets a bit repetitive scrolling through ?

  24. Barbara Birdsall Bailey says:

    Your banner is adorable. Love the new labels. Shop feels very homey and comforting.

  25. Jennifer Troxclair says:

    Your shop is beautiful!! I think something that could help you with branding is a great cover photo and maybe use a photo of yourself. Shoppers like to make a connection with the person selling the item. I think your about me is really great but it would be that much better with a personal photo 🙂 Hope this helps!

  26. Natalie Champagne says:

    Hey all! I am wondering what you think of my prices…my patina and enameling work takes a really long time but its hard to explain this process to the customer. I sometimes wonder if people just think I paint copper blue? http://www.heavyistheheart.com

  27. Natalie your work is absolutely beautiful ! I think prices are fair , love copper diamond necklace!

  28. Natalie Champagne says:

    Ri AaRee thanks so much for taking the time to check it out:) ♥

  29. Amy Vanderhoof says:

    I work in a local shop part time and we sell handmade jewelry. We have a couple of artists in our store that makes jewelry like this, and your pricing is right in line with one of them, and less the second. In fact, I think some of yours are underpric…

  30. Amy Vanderhoof says:

    Im looking mostly at the patina stuff – because I love that style. Its just so beautiful!

  31. Karrie Cole-baker says:

    I think that your shop is lovely and I love that it is vintage. I think that your assortment that you have is good. I do think that some of your clothing photos are a little on the dark side. Good luck on your shop.

  32. Elaine Hall says:

    In many cases my prices are higher than others that come up in a search. I believe the craftsmanship, details and overall quality of my products justify my prices. I also carefully calculate for cost and time to make when I set my prices. But I suspect that I dont get as many sales as I would like because of this. Id like feedback as to how I can better communicate quality to buyers and/or suggestions as to how I can make my products more competitive.

  33. Jen Schultz says:

    I looked over several of your listings and I think your English was great on what I saw. I think your descriptions said it best: that these scarves are for a classy lady who loves artistic, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. I’m not sure what other advice I can give you. Best of luck.

  34. Irene Neverova says:

    Hello Aga Więckowska, I like you art. I see huge competition in this category (I also offer prints of my originals), too hard to be seen in search, so no wonder we have few visits and sales. I can only suggest you to turn on Promoted Listings, set custom bids, experiment with them – set a minimum, then increase them if they have low clicks or impressions. It may help to appear in search.

  35. IRis Christianne Janssen says:

    I would use “hand dyed” marriage, mother gift, gifts… older woman? I think you are succesfull? You have a good amount of sales!

  36. Barbara Birdsall Bailey says:

    Your work is amazing. When I look at your page, none of the pipes really pop. Everything is sort of sepia toned, which is a cool look, but everything seems to just blend with the background. Im wondering whether some more color would help.

  37. Krysta Best says:

    Your logo drew me in! And the photos in your shop with the crisp white background are the ones that drew me in the most!! Your stuff is gorgeous!

  38. Mouni Abdelli Lou says:

    Laura Coeur i will try to explain with my approximate English lol, your product photos are really nice but the first thing i saw on your profile picture its the big red bag, i thought you created bags ?

  39. Melanie Orshan says:

    The photos are good but all very similar. Maybe try different backgrounds to give some more excitement to the shop. Cute stuff though! ?

  40. Laura Coeur says:

    Melanie Orshan Thanks for your Feedback ! 🙂 But I actually did the white background on purpose so that people can focus on my products and its not too messy u know ?

  41. Melanie Orshan says:

    I definitely understand. You want it to look clean

  42. Laurie Allen says:

    Hello, your pictures look great, but, I also noticed that they are very similar and got hung up on that. Your price point is very high. I dont know much about the kind of yarn you use though, just my observation. Thanks.

  43. Valerie Orris says:

    The photo quality is awesome! I would agree that the photos are very similar. Although this would be similar in a big store, it might help to switch up backgrounds or have some close ups to show the difference in each item.

  44. Laura Coeur says:

    Laurie Allen Thanks for your Feedback Laurie, yes the price point is different compared to other sellers but thats bc my focus is on high quality wool. I only use alpaca and merino with a little chemical fiber blend. So my raw materials are much more expensive. 🙂 Many people sell cheap materials like acrylic which I dont really like so I focused on luxurious yarn

  45. Laura Coeur says:

    Valerie Orris thanks for your feedback. Since some people said that already I guess I try it out ! Thank you 🙂

  46. Laurie Allen says:

    Your clocks are very nice, love them. I do see where the long tail could cause some people to have to think twice when trying to figure out the time. I think it would be an issue for older people as well. Is there any way to alter the hands that you buy?

  47. Laurie Allen says:

    I too have looked for specific clock hands and it is very frustrating with what is out there.

  48. Krysta Best says:

    Yes! We can cut the tail off with no issue! I personally LOVE the more detailed hands, as the only other option is almost too simple for the scale of the clocks. Im trying to figure out if we should just offer the simplified version as the standard and people can add on the fancier hands if they like! Thank you for taking the time to look and for your kind compliments! 🙂

  49. Laurie Allen says:

    Thats a tough one. I tried print on demand and it just didnt work for me, I had to go on to something else. I think you need more listings and more visual interest. Different colors.

  50. Laurie Allen says:

    I also think you should have some items that are for cooler weather, your shop looks very summery.

  51. Melanie Orshan says:

    Thanks for the input! Im writing it down! Lol ?

  52. Laurie Allen says:

    Your welcome, just me though, everyone has their own way of seeing things.

  53. IRis Christianne Janssen says:

    Make better foto’s look for a good background and maybe a spot of light on your objects?

  54. Barbara Birdsall Bailey says:

    Once I read through everything, it made sense, however, it could use some work. The title sounds like you are going to redo the doll for them, with stickers, and doesnt really say what people are getting. Your description should also lead with a more concise explanation of what they get.

  55. Barbara Birdsall Bailey says:

    Maybe something like, “Customize Your Barbie to Look Like You with our sticker kit, which is made to match your features from the photo you send us”.

  56. Tonya Elizabeth Currans says:

    Barbara Birdsall Bailey Thank you so much! I have been struggling with a good description.

  57. Jake Lawrence says:

    I agree with Barbara there’s some work on the title and description…. but you know what could be good? A short YouTube video of how to customise the dolls?

  58. Tonya Elizabeth Currans says:

    Jake Lawrence I do have one but seems like I should have it better featured in the description. Thanks for the feed back 🙂

  59. Tonya Elizabeth Currans says:

    I favorite a few pics that I thought were really good. I liked them because of the focus, composition and lighting. I watched a few youtube videos on lighting and composition for amateurs that really helped me out.

  60. Jake Lawrence says:

    A great store and very inspiring! I noticed you don’t ship to the UK? I wonder if that’s something you could start doing? Would printful work for you?

  61. Krista McCurdy says:

    Helena Lind that’s the problem though— I only get positive responses like yours but not so many sales!

  62. Krista McCurdy says:

    Lilo Märchenfee the multicolored one has crochet spelled wrong. I like your dark solid ones! Maybe some lifestyle shots, fashion magazine-y? Do you know any photographers you could do a trade with?

  63. Aimee Wright says:

    How’s your SEO?

  64. Aga Więckowska says:

    Before I opened the store, I studied the subject and helped myself with Marmelade. Also after recent changes to the algorithm, I try to use more long tail keywords. Unfortunately, I do not know how to collect good feedback about SEO yet. Marmelade values my listings well.

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