Alexandria Fragrances….worth the hype/price?

Alexandria Fragrances….worth the hype/price? I’m way too cheap to pay for niche. Which ones are the best impressions


  1. Jimmy El Hage says:

    Nostalgia is Almost a dead Ringer to MFK satin Mood Honestly I have 20 from Alexandria Value Wise you cant go Wrong. Good stuff!

  2. Spike Barber says:

    I wore Nostalgia this morning at 8am. Laying on the couch and still smell it. Worth every penny!

  3. Kyle Stevens says:

    I’m mad I only got a 30ml of Nostalgia now I’m getting a 60ml

  4. Uriel Ruiz Delgadillo says:

    From my experience definitely . Got myself Dark Knight (black phantom inspired) spot on and if anything a little stronger than black phantom

  5. Rogelio Morales says:

    I would say yes. Try the sample pack. Black knight, black tie affair, hawaii volcano, forbidden plum, 1981X, apple crumb just to name a few.

  6. Richard Salazar Jr says:

    I’d say so, most are spot on with better performance!

  7. John Twomey says:

    Seven Seas is a dead ringer for Viking.

  8. Joshua Thibodeaux says:

    Bitter soft is godlike
    White zest is great
    Zion is fantastic

  9. Kyle Stevens says:

    I got Nostalgia/Oud Satin Mood, No Apologies/Nasomatto Pardon, Forbidden Plum/Plum Japonais, and Paris Night/MFK Grand Soir. All of these are amazing to me. I’m about to sample their clones of Nasomatto Baraonda and Black Afgano

  10. Danny Milea says:

    Kyle Stevens have both, equally awesome!

  11. Angel Gaitan says:

    Benjamin Sigl I’m pretty sure I’ll like them. I love their version of Pardon I just put some on

  12. Mattie Fuller says:

    What’s the name of black Afgano? Kyle Stevens

  13. Nutthawut Kitiyawong says:

    Anubis Kiss

  14. Laika Alfonsdóttir says:

    All the ones I’ve tried are great.

  15. Laika Alfonsdóttir says:

    The prices are great, so that’s a no brained, but the fragrances themselves are excellent as well. China Affair/Basically any PDM inspiration/Sunday Morning/Hafez 1984 (original)… There’s a lot to choose from. Pick up some secondhand, or keep in mind that there’s always a 15% discount (october15 right now).

    I’m a huge fan though!

  16. Laika Alfonsdóttir says:

    thanks man!

  17. Stephen Cabil says:

    I would say so.

  18. P.J. Taillon says:

    Yes, loving it. Am wearing arabian forest (I believe that’s the name) today, which is inspired by Creed wood and spice and it is amazing. Long lasting and got a compliment from a coworker. Loving these as well: 1981x, Zion, dark knight, the millesime imperial copy, their oud wood copy, my wife especially loves Luxor summer and dark pleasure. On general I never was disappointed

  19. Laika Alfonsdóttir says:

    Oh and try fragmentals 20: off code I think it’s mental1 or MENTAL1

  20. P.J. Taillon says:

    awesome thank you!!

  21. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Oh and I have parfum vintage and dua clones and Alexandria outshines them by far

  22. Mohamed Younis says:

    I’m really impressed with them, all of DUAs seem to have aldehyde. I like Alexandria’s selection

  23. Mohammed Aljailani says:

    I can’t get myself to wear dua. Something feels or smells weird about them to me. Not the cade with Alexandria though.

  24. Hany Hafez says:

    Laika Alfonsdóttir I’m at a point where I’m wearing my Alexandria fragrances more than the original. I like Forbidden Plum better than Plum Japonais. There is a little difference in the opening then FP shines

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