Am I doing it wrong

Am I doing it wrong?
Been experimenting with putting on lotion before fragrance. I did not notice any significant improvement on performance, but it definitely dampens the projection. Any thought about this? FYI, the lotion I have been using is the good ol’ Vaseline jelly.


  1. Aftab Fez says:

    Well according to Roja Dove, fragrance first then lotion to seal in the fragrance. I have tried both, can’t really comment on which has worked better for me tbh

  2. Jon Brooks says:

    Bro, if you have to put on a layer of anything before applying your fragrance, get another fragrance. All of this hype and nonsense is absurd.

  3. Carlos Portillo says:

    Damn, I guess I’ll be the first odd one out from the previous comments.
    Purchased Cetaphil non-scented lotion. I apply it before putting on a scent. I let it cool down then spray. There has been a strong improvement on my end.

  4. Abhi Sewnaraine says:

    Make sure u put the lotion on ur butt first then the fragrance will work better

  5. Curtis Canady says:

    Don’t put the fragrance on right away. Wait for your lotion to dry a bit, then spray.

  6. Preston Anthony says:

    Hester It won’t really boost the fragrance into something it’s not. However a good moisturizing lotion like aveeno 24 hour skin relief will keep it around longer

  7. If you have really dry skin it will help.
    But if you have normal or oily skin; it doesn’t do much

  8. use Aveeno lotion and wait about 10 mins then spray the cologne on over it. you have to use a lotion that is fragrance free.

  9. Dan Araya says:

    This is an urban legend, a fragrance will last and project for as long as it will on you, putting on lotion or chanting a magic spell won’t make it last another 5 hours. Carry a travel spray with you and re apply as needed during the day, much more effective.

  10. Lotion only adds 1 maybe 2 hours extra to the longevity and has been proven by multiple people.

  11. Ulas Dikkaya says:

    Use Vaseline first, then buy a Roja ?

  12. Michael Lynady says:

    Put some unscented lotion in your hand, 1 spray of the frag you’re going to wear, apply it – wait 10 minutes and spray away

  13. Brooks Unscented lotion and EDP

  14. Matthew Matthew says:

    I’ve noticed that applying an attar first, waiting half an hour more or less and then spray perfume overtop provides more projection and sometimes longevity…. but not in all cases. Depends on the chemicals.

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