SOTD: Aventus


  1. Riel Carriere says:

    ez smesh, sotn: saudi arabia

  2. Jakkapun V says:

    Such a good fight after the game! ???⚔️

  3. Arsenios Hellinic says:

    Indeed ! This is what I call entertainment ? ???

  4. Sergey Borisov says:

    first step to revenge fight should be done right after the first fight! 🙂

  5. Jack Jackson says:

    I dunno who kabbi is but he sure kicked ass inside and outside the ring. I have Gears tv so I caught the fight for free. I seen the fight before the last fight snd it was good so I kept watching. I had no idea who anybody was besides connor

  6. Udi Granot says:

    Great fights all evening, but the post fight violence could cost KN.

  7. Geno Will says:

    Hopefully doesn’t cost him the win or the title but there’s gonna be a lot of consequences for sure

  8. Geno Will says:

    If it does cost him the win or the title I’m gonna call bluff on UFC for not doing the same to Connor after the bus fight in NYC. They only took that title from him after the event for “inactivity” in defending it.

  9. Dardan Emini says:

    Obviously not going to cost him the win, but could cost him the title

  10. Udi Granot says:

    Dardan Emini Yeah, IIUC Dana White just said if Khabib is suspended for a long time then he will be stripped of the title.

  11. Dante Alighieri-Mvula says:

    Connor took it too far and made it personal when he involved the guys religion and the region in Russia he comes from. Dana let it get too far by allowing call make such horrible comments

  12. Sergey Borisov says:

    Dante Alighieri-Mvula Dana is clear racist himself as he compared Khabib to monkey in his press-conference talk… that’s just horrible… while he’s trying to excuse his own greed by inappripriate KN behavior…

  13. Udi Granot says:

    Sergey Borisov I also thought exactly that when I heard the “monkey “ comment, very inappropriate IMHO.

  14. Geno Will says:

    If it costs him the title that’s crap. He shouldn’t even be suspended. The corner guys? For sure. Him? Nope.

  15. Geno Will says:

    I wonder when that decision will be made though. And even if Vegas suspends him would every other sanctioning body follow suit?

  16. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Everyone was fighting????

  17. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    King ? khabib ?

  18. Dante Alighieri-Mvula says:

    Khabib’ ground game is sick. Insanely relentless

  19. Arsenios Hellinic says:

    Conor learned his lesson…

  20. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Arsenios Hellinic Nah. It was another fat payday so he just coughed his way to the bank…

  21. Arsenios Hellinic says:

    Yusri Diamondflame payday or no payday, the invincibility of Conor was debunked. Just like Ronda Roussey. His time is up and has come to an end. Let Khabib take over ! He deserves it !

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