and when i want to test and spray multiple frags?

Why does it feel uncomfortable going to a perfume store and when i want to test and spray multiple frags?
Like i’m being watched?


  1. Daniel Wurz says:

    Just grow some brass man. Tell them “Im here to sample, I’ll let you know if I’m ready to buy”. Don’t waste their time they wont waste yours.

  2. Ryan Wigglesworth says:

    because they know you gonna try it and then walk out and order it on amazon for less. 😛

  3. Hugo Ponce says:

    ???? sampler’s guilt is real

  4. Harlan Wilkinson says:

    They always recommend me some random ass scent and say it’s their favorite, and price it at $80, when it’s $30 online lol.

  5. Cyndi Hunter says:

    I feel the same way! Even when I tell them to leave me alone to sample, they still stand 3 feet away and stare at me the whole time. I must be fascinating! ????

  6. Jesse D Rhiel says:

    I don’t mind their suggestions, what I do mind is them saying “oh your GIRLFRIEND won’t like that” or “is that for your mother?” when I’m smelling Chanel no.5 or Shalimar or something. Like, uh, no…. this is for me

  7. Traian Traian says:

    I felt the same, and after a while we became friends and after, I tested more than 30 frags (almost every Montale, Sospiro, Xerjoff and Amouage). We talked about every one of them, like we knew each other from childhood ?. It’s a good start to be friendly with the stuff because they love what we love. They aren’t our enemies! Cheers!

  8. Tonee Allin says:

    this annoys the shit out of me, almost every time i’ve been to any store to test fragrances it’s like they’re continuously watching you!

  9. Marquice Greed Gilm Walker says:

    Let’em watch I just spray, smell enjoy and keep it moving.

  10. Corrie Vorst says:

    Where did you go? 😛

  11. Mohammed Alazzawi says:

    Maybe cause you would never buy any of them ?

  12. Mike Scott says:

    I’m honest and tell them that I’m sampling and order frags online. I’ve never had a problem. As a matter if fact the SA’s are appreciative when I mention some of our websites.

  13. Max Rossa says:

    I work fragrance retail in a department store, and honestly I don’t expect anyone to buy a fragrance. I teach them what I know about it and spread my passion, and if they end up buying a bottle it’s just icing on the cake.

  14. Michael Anthony Cole says:

    Because you’re being watched.
    They act like they’re selling diamonds.

  15. Rueben Shaw says:

    Man that ain’t nothing new

  16. Will Chung says:

    It’s just a sales tactic. They want you to feel pressure to buy. It’s very effective to many.

  17. Jose Herrera Jr. says:

    I hustle them, I got this dior rep she will throw in decants of other Dior products samples and whatever bag give away.

  18. Mercedes Cruxens says:

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  19. James Lennen says:

    You ARE being watched. You also feel uncomfortable because you’re about to spend an hour smelling everything. Then you’re gonna go home where you are going to promptly purchase at least one of the fragrances you sampled in-store for a fraction of the retail cost?

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