Any advice on how to build my fragrance collection?

Any advice on how to build my fragrance collection? I like alot of fragrances out there and i cant buy them all at once ? any tips ?


  1. Uriel Ruiz Delgadillo says:

    Just wait till you see someone selling them for a price you can’t beat

  2. Blake Caudle says:

    Try decants. If you use up a 5 or 10ml decant in a reasonable amount of time, it’s worth getting a full bottle. If you don’t like the decant, trade it for something different.

  3. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Thats true but isn’t it more costly to get decants ? I only started this hobby like 4 months ago so im not that experienced in the field still

  4. Pernell Grayson says:

    Not at all

    Most ppl split decants according to price per ml. Plus about $3 for shipping…

  5. Pernell Grayson says:

    I’ve bought decants that I never used

    I also bought decants that I used quick and bought a bigger decant or a bottle

  6. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Yea seems that everyone agrees that decants are the way to go!

  7. Pernell Grayson says:

    Ibrahim Ali most def. When u see ppl post splits look at the reviews and notes and see if it’s something that may interest you

  8. Darryl Griffin-Miles says:

    4 months in i wouldnt buy a bottle your still developing your taste.. the regret is not as bad on a $30 decant vs a $300 bottle… And if you live near a Sephora you can get samples or a high end store like Saks you can get samples.

  9. Jason Shomo says:

    I decant everything. 9 out of 10 times I honestly don’t like the scent l… the few I like I hunt down a deal

  10. Blake Caudle says:

    Most decants I’ve done were at cost unless the fragrance was discontinued and available bottles were substantially more expensive.

  11. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Darryl Griffin-Miles thanks brother. Appreciate ur advice!

  12. Jonathan Plaza says:

    I started off buying full bottles and I deeply regret it. I only have like 10 right now, and idk how I could finish all of them. Decants are the way to go 100%

  13. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Same here i have like 7 bottles so far and i only started getting into this like 4 months ago. But now its like turning into an addiction i think? like i was about to order 6 bottles of different colognes last night and that cost me alot of money but i feel like i need to get them?so i thought i would ask for advice first

  14. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Yeah it can seem enticing to splurge, but trust me it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Expensive, and most are gonna sit around for a while. Always sample before you buy.

  15. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Yea true. Would u recommend buying samples from ebay?

  16. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Depends on the seller reviews. Usually eBay is fine if they have 90% or higher

  17. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Sometimes you can get free sample packs if you email companies customer service too

  18. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Jonathan Plaza that’s awesome. I didn’t know that was a thing!

  19. Jonathan Plaza says:

    Jonathan Plaza that’s awesome. I didn’t know that was a thing!

  20. Nando Medina says:

    I like Scent Split

  21. Blake Caudle says:

    Keep in mind that I encourage everyone in the Facebook groups to use discount code FACEBOOK at checkout for 15%. Just my way of saying thanks to people who have been so kind to me. Mikhail Shirokov I would welcome an opportunity to become your decant site of choice!

  22. Nando Medina says:

    Nando Medina everything you spent on those decants probably was 1 bottle, instead you have 10+ things to wear

  23. John Bap Echols says:

    Jonathan Plaza correct!

  24. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Ibrahim Ali , I’d buy from Facebook groups before eBay. Almost anything you can imagine is available here. Just post what you are looking for. It will also give you a chance to talk to someone that has smelled the fragrance before you buy.

  25. Ryan Vandewiel says:

    Nando Medina where and who did you purchase these from

  26. Ryan Vandewiel says:

    Jeff Hash I’ll pm you

  27. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Decants and keep your collection to a minimum. It will get on your nerves trying to decide what to wear?

  28. Jordan Howe says:

    ^^^Yup! And then you’ll end up like me! There’s so many to choose from that oftentimes I just say “f*ck this” and turn around to walk away!

  29. Jordan Howe says:

    Yeah, what I did is I’d buy at the start/end of every season. Maybe five per season (spring, fall, winter, summer) and over the years you’ll have a big collection! But make sure they’re quality, don’t go for cheapies just to build quantity. You’ll regret those later. Always save for what you really want, you won’t be satisfied with the clones.

  30. Marc McDonald says:

    Also, if you can’t afford, don’t buy. It’s not worth it to get in debt over fragrances. Take care of bills/family/rent first, and as others have said, buy decants if price is the main factor.

  31. Ibrahim Ali says:

    Solid advice! Im just a rly young collector trying to step into the big boys league rly quick ?gotta be patient i guess

  32. Pernell Grayson says:

    I agree with everything here except the part about the clones. I have a decent niche and designer collection and a fairly large Alexandria collection. I find their “clones” to be DAMN GOOD and many times outperform their inspirations.

  33. Asharib Butt says:

    I have a few for sell right now

  34. Ibrahim Ali says:

    I built mine up and regret it and in process of selling most of it. Also replacing with Xerjoff (my favourite house)

  35. Marc McDonald says:

    Same. Tired of buying 60 minute fragrances. ?

  36. John Wunner I’ve been collecting for around 4 years now and I recently just looked at it 80+ frags and kinder felt sad that I didn’t have everything I wanted but had stuff I don’t even wear.

  37. Zahid Ali Shahid says:

    But what you love and wait for the price that makes you pull the trigger.

  38. Asharib Butt says:

    Is there any staples ? Like for anyone who’s just starting out. Are there any colognes that like has to be in a collection. ADG Profumo? Sauvage, ultra male.. etc

  39. Michael Bombard says:

    All of those get high praise. I personally don’t like profumo though but the others I love

  40. Ibrahim Ali says:

    FUCK the staples if I’m being honest, worry about occasion and usage of fragrance and test them out and see which you like best

  41. Irving Navarro says:

    Thanks for the advice guys

  42. JD Hernandez Leon says:

    The ones you love are the staples. Unless you care about what other people think. Honestly, we’re a small group – those who love scent and appreciate many kinds. The majority seem to only notice the most common and easy notes. So, I have a few that are easy to wear and I love – Aventus , Cedrat Boise, tobacco Vanille, etc. Then there are those I love but may be less appreciated by those who don’t love perfume.

  43. Damian Gracia says:

    Ratio of samples/decants to bottles should be like 10:1

  44. Kent Angel says:

    Don’t buy a bunch of cheapies for size purposes, get the ones you REALLY LIKE and want first

  45. Jason Yeomans says:

    Buy quality over quantity because you’ll eventually end up there anyways and will waste a lot of money in the process.

    Also, take your time and find out what you really like then find your favourite from each genre.

    And don’t blind buy… test, test, test!

    In the end you’ll likely be much happier with a small, well-curated collection that you love and wear often vs a huge collection of bottles you barely look at nonetheless wear.

  46. Nando Medina says:

    Thanks for the advice!? I definitely agree with what u’re saying. I was just tempted at the beginning to just ‘own’ alot of fragrances but i think quality is what makes more sense 100%

  47. Kyle Stevens says:

    As long as you don’t buy Aventus you can do what ever you want.

  48. Mohammed Aljailani says:

    Buy your fav 10 thats it.

  49. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Buy as the seasons come so Fall for now. No point buying a summer frag you might like now but then as your nose develops you might not like later on when it comer time to wear it,.Unless its something you really like and its at a steal or you hear its might be discontinued.

  50. Kyle Stevens says:

    Give your self a amount cap. Mine is 25 and am currently at 24. If i want more i may move on some i have. Find out what notes/styles you actually like. Dont just buy of recommendations if yo aint smelled.

  51. buy them one at a time and enjoy each one as you go… before you know it, bam ?, you have a collection

  52. Amit Sharma says:

    Ask yourself if you want to be a fragrance collector or a fragrance hunter… a collector like maybe 20 +, maybe a hundred bottles or more ?… A hunter, 10 to 20 or so bottles of their favorite juice,, but always on the hunt for the next love..

  53. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Kent Angel do you need me to draw stick figures for you so you can understand ?

  54. John M. Brooks says:

    Jason Yeomans no, i’m good, thanks… just never felt the need to ask myself that question, nor ever heard the term hunter vs collector, not in over 30 years of collecting (hunting) but i guess you learn (or at least hear) something new every day.
    Thanks again!

  55. Tiffany Hall says:

    Kent Angel I’ve never heard anybody use the term either,, but it makes since in my head,, not everyone is a collector,,like me… I love the hunt thought, but that’s just my though on it..cheers…

  56. John M. Brooks says:

    Take your time man, frags aren’t going anywhere any time soon and don’t feel like you have to keep up with the big ballers on here. Get those bills paid up and just save for a frag here and there. There are frags both designer and niche that I still don’t own but I’m ok waiting a year or more to acquire unless it’s an absolute love and want. Hell I’ve still never owned spicebomb extreme bottle and I get jelly every time I see it. I just have a decant.

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