Any ideas what could be wrong and why is that?

Okey Fam, it is finally here, after long year of consideration and controversial thoughts I have finally decided to take this step. Now my first impressions very shortly: scent is more than amazing, this is just wow, definitely not for everyone as already discussed hundred thousand times, but the longevity and projection, the sillage on my skin is not bad, it’s HORRIBLE, equals to absolute zero, after half an hour its gone, the same on my family member, a woman (no, it is authentic and from good seller), so super disappointed at this point. Any ideas what could be wrong and why is that? is this normal? is it just my Ph? thanks and have a good day, Fam.
Yes, and this one’s a scent of the day the second day in a row 😉 probably like ten spritz now – barely smell it.. so controversial.


  1. Shane DeMille says:

    Try it on a different day, see if that makes a difference. Maybe there were a lot of competing aromas in the air when you tried it,, but even then, Black Afghano is a notoriously strong scent and should be able to cut through most anything….

  2. Laurynas Lauryno says:

    should I start worrying about its authenticity already? :/ hmm… it really stays super short time on both of us..

  3. Shane DeMille says:

    Laurynas Lauryno That’s unusual for that scent. Give it another test run.

  4. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Bottle looks weird . Maybe its just the angle. Do you have more pictures? Including the box

  5. Laurynas Lauryno says:

    there was no box actually… I will make more photos later on. The only thing I spotted immediately was relief engravings on the very bottom of the bottle.

  6. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Maybe it’s just the angle . I’ll send a video for spotting fake black afgano.

  7. Laurynas Lauryno says:

    would appreciate that a lot, Rami Shehadeh !

  8. Jordan Beard says:

    At first glance, the bottle looked a little “chunky” to me Rami Shehadeh

  9. Jon Brooks says:

    Back To Black is the move. Sell it a lot of people love it this time of year.

  10. I’ve heard they changed the formula a while back. When BA was released if was a monster (2010-2012)

  11. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Roma Nik I have the new one and it’s still a monster

  12. Rami Shehadeh hmmm. in that case I’m at a loss.

  13. Marcos Ricardo says:

    Afgano is a beast mode

  14. Michael Derler says:

    This sh*t last like 2 days for me ?, either you own a fake which I doubt or you are a zombie and I am leaning towards the latter.

  15. Laurynas Lauryno says:

    I own super powers .

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