Any recommendations on a fresh/clean fall scent ?

Any recommendations on a fresh/clean fall scent ?


  1. Deric Metzger says:

    Herman a mes cotes from ELDO. Royal Mayfair from Creed. Danger por homme from Roja. Galloway from PDM. Geranium por monsieur from Frederic Malle. Lucid from Ex Idolo.

  2. Parham Shalchian says:

    Dior Sauvage

  3. Sam Cooke says:


  4. Brian Shotton Jnr says:

    Mugler Cologne

  5. Tristan Durand says:

    Lalique White

  6. Péter Plavetz says:

    Creed Royal Water and Prada L’homme

  7. Keesus Crice says:

    It is cliche, but, Aventus fits the bill. Not fresh, or clean, but Santal 33 gets the job done in any weather.

  8. Kristian Tsvetkov says:

    Original santal is sweet yet fresh, that lavender and cinnamon and sandalwood with that raspberry it’s great for fall it’s a sweet /spicy freshy if that makes sense alternatively monblanc individual it’s smells 90% the same and is way cheaper

  9. Jordan Howe says:

    Pikovaya Dama ??

  10. Judith Marianne Taufan says:

    FM Angéliques Sur La Pluie
    ETRO Etra

  11. Miguel Angel Ramos says:

    Terre D’hermes edt

  12. Bruce Neuman says:

    Creed original vetiver

  13. Nate Manning says:

    I hate freshies and galloway is one of my favorite PDM’s now. Damn fine stuff.

  14. Falgun Mashru says:

    Russian Tea, Ormande Jayne Tsarina

  15. Eric Hodnett says:

    Try Armaf le perfait…v cheap but excellent

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