Any thoughts on this one?

Any thoughts on this one? Buy (Blind Buy) Try (Sample) or Pass?? Let me know in the comments below, it has my interest.


  1. Ryan Burke says:

    It’s a very nice refreshing gin scent. I’d buy it.

  2. Marc-André Robitaille says:

    Sartorial at the moment is the only Penhaligon’s that I actually liked, I’d like to try a few more and this caught my eye for spring

  3. Albert Mata says:

    Smells good but performance is crappy on me

  4. Jesse McNaughton says:

    I think my friend Ari Driver keeps this in stock. She has the only niche store in Manitoba (Perfume Paradise). If this helps. Let me try to add her if that’s ok.

  5. JeffandMichelle Miller says:

    It’s a really nice fragrance but very weak performance.

  6. Brad LaMorgese says:

    I like it! Definitely try.

  7. Riley Holden says:

    Try Penhaligons Quercus … A bright fizzy Neroli

  8. Andranik Ter-Pogosyan says:

    One of the best summer scents, horrible performance.

  9. Seymour Shait says:

    Amazing scent, gone in an hour

  10. won’t last but smells lovely

  11. Talib Ali says:

    If you find it for a good deal then grab it. It smells nice enough that it doesnt need to last. It’ll refresh you nicely in the mornings

  12. Vinicius Cima says:

    Blind Buy is not a good idea! It’s like a Mantra to me after I bought Kryptomint! ?

  13. Quinn Piper says:

    I’ve actually had this one for a few years. Opens with an almost jammy bright Juniper note with crisp cool edges. Doesn’t change too much throughout. Others have voiced poor longevity. I agree but this fragrance shines to me on a humid summer evening. Close to skin but will get whiffs for 4-5 hours. Definitely try as it is a very pleasant casual scent. Cheers Marc-André Robitaille

  14. Arsenios Hellinic says:

    Awesome fragrance !!! BLIND BUY THIS !!! Pure love

  15. Paul Peterson says:

    It’s an interesting scent, it’s a try for me.

  16. Bernardo Cardoso Rmt says:

    Not a fan of juniper in general, but the fragrance (based on a sample) is refreshing, but ephemeral. PASS.
    Aside from Sartorial, the only Penhaligon that got my attention was English Fern. I like my barbershop scents.

  17. Brian Struyk says:

    I put a couple sprays on my arm last summer to try this one out. Gone in an hour, and I mean gone. Might do better on your shirt. YMMV.

  18. Ray Sokolowski says:

    I like it and own it but as others mentioned, it lacks lasting power.

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