Anybody grow blackberries and raspberries without a trellis

Anybody grow blackberries and raspberries without a trellis? I impulse bought a few plants & dont want to mess with a structure.


  1. Heather Noel says:

    Conner Blackberries will do fine. We had them all through our woods when I was growing up.

  2. Barbara Lutz says:

    We’ve had both for years and grow without support.

  3. Oliver De says:

    Figueiredo Blackberries grown amongst ivy against a wall…in my garden…Got two carrier bags full…

  4. Sheila Kokinda says:

    Yep, just let them grow.

  5. Phil Bayley says:

    My raspberries grow ok without any trellis

  6. Kara Keysor says:

    yeah both. the blackberries will root into the ground where they touch down.

  7. Judy Panek says:

    I put a rose cage around mine right next to our fence.

  8. Paguada I use tomato cages for my raspberries

  9. Cheryl Fackler says:

    Yes. Mine are wild and bramble. Tall and then lean over.

  10. Patricia Williams says:

    Absolutely. The problem is that you will not be able to get to all the fruit eventually. Also, some only fruit on second year canes. Keeping that straight is much easier with a trellis.

  11. Joan Mitchell says:

    I grow them without support!

  12. Whittney Hedke says:

    Bender I grew mine in pots last year

  13. Helen Scott says:

    I’ve never used anything to support them and never had a problem with them.

  14. Tina Hixson says:

    Just watch any vine plants in your yard. I’m still trying to control strawberries after ten years!

  15. Adrienne Miller says:

    Sumrall Can you just turn a tomato cage upside down. Maybe pUt something on spikes so not so dangerous.

  16. Jeanie Raulston says:

    I put mine up against a cow panel and secure them with wire bread ties.

  17. Bonnie Welsch says:

    Mine are in rows, no support, trim in the fall for some control, little ones dig up and plant in a row.

  18. Gloria Glover says:

    mother nature doesn’t ?

  19. Wayne Ratcliff says:

    mine are in rows and I place wires for them to go up thru. I have the wires in a V formation so sun lite gets down in the middle.

  20. Ron Moore says:

    So don’t mess with it.

  21. Diny Hamilton says:

    Don’t need a trellis just plant them in the ground

  22. Iva Parrott says:

    We had a row, left room on both sides, enough to reach the fruit.

  23. Jolene Gearhart says:

    Clay I just planted 5 of each this year. I planted by a chain link fence so i wouldn’t need a trellis

  24. McGlone Shell says:

    Yes I have both. Put tall thick sticks in the ground and tie bail wire to them. Boom trellis.
    They require feedings Durning fruiting season’s.
    Keep them in a row ir they tend to get disease quickly and you’ll get less harvest.
    Trim in fall. There’s a you tube video that teaches you the correct way to trim them down.

  25. Ann McCormick says:

    My blackberries grow wild.

  26. Sharon Barlow says:

    Yeah wild is good

  27. Karen Gilliland says:

    Taylor I have mine in huge horse cube tubs. To control them. I did put a tomato cage in with the black berry

  28. Dexter Orphan says:

    I honestly tried with out a trellis or a system and it got out of hand in 2 years

  29. Tommy Pattison says:

    You don’t have to grow them On a Trellis I have a raspberry area they are cultivated two or three canes together prune every Autumn and also cut Dead Canes out go easy When weeding roots Damage easely take a third off when Pruning ,, also have a blackberry bush which is also controled , don’t prune often maybe every 2 years but also cut Dead branches out , nothing like homemade Rasp and Blackberry jam

  30. I put fence posts every 8 feet and 2 string wire (using eye hooks) start at the bottom to the top – 4 strands …

  31. Gwynneth West says:

    Hauxwell I have blackberries on our allotment fence which is a concoction of metal sheeting and wire fencing, so it’s easy to tie them in. I cut down the fringed canes in Autumn and tie in the new canes..easy! The raspberries are Autumn fruiting so they get cut down early Spring. We have poles at the four corners of the double row with top tied round as they tend to flop in late Summer with the weight of fruit and the wind.

  32. Gwynneth West says:

    Hauxwell Fruited not fringed!

  33. Gwynneth West says:

    Hauxwell Rope not top!??

  34. Salome Burrows says:

    Try hanging baskets……

  35. Alison Thompson says:

    I don’t use a trellis I planted mine in between some large tree stumps and used wire wrapped round them and tied the raspberries to the wires

  36. Bonnie Neander says:

    They will take off if not boxed in

  37. Dana Bell says:

    Have them around my deck.

  38. Kathy Johnson says:

    I’ve had raspberries for 30+ years. I have room for them to spread and boy, they trellis. . The problem I have with them rambling, is that its hard to pick the ones in the middle of the patch. If I had it to do over again, I’d probably try to contain them.

  39. Hill Wilcox says:

    I just planted my blackberries up against a chain link fence and they went wild!

  40. Brandi George says:

    I used to live in a duplex in Cleveland, Oh, that had a HUGE raspberry bush in the center of the backyard. It was not on a trellis. It seemed to thrive on its own without help from anyone.

  41. Amanda Gibson says:

    You don’t need trellis for either plant, maybe a cane for the raspberries

  42. Angie Saumier says:

    Or you can plant them up against fence

  43. Eva Collins says:

    Harnolova I use cane for raspberries..

  44. Bahr just mounds work well for access around the edge of property where You only go there to pick berries and fertilize the plants

  45. Liz Swindells says:

    I had no idea how to grow raspberries, i put the in a 12″ border and they grew through the lawn.

  46. Joyce Lawrence says:

    A few canes maybe wigwam style easy to do could maybe solve it easy to do no hassle.

  47. Joyce Lawrence says:

    A few canes maybe wigwam style easy to do could maybe solve it easy to do no hassle.

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