Anybody have any advice about cologne and new born

Anybody have any advice about cologne and new born babies. Common sense says not to over spray, don’t spray where he lays, don’t wear super strong fragrances. I don’t mind stopping but it’s a habit.
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  1. Kevin Holt says:

    Maybe just use roll on oils since they are alcohol free.

  2. Gina Steddar says:

    Don’t wear anything. They need to smell you.

  3. Tracey Bantz says:

    Babies will be held up close and personal with their faces (and sensitive airways) touching and breathing skin and clothing we spray. While natural is the best and safest at the early stage, take potential sensitivities into consideration. If you absolutely must wear it, choose alternate pulse points away from baby.

  4. Ariel Vierra says:

    No fragrance at all, or the lightest touch of the one you wear the most. He will recognise your natural scent and cologne as “you” and it will help with bonding and comfort.

  5. Deon Statham says:

    Wear nothing. The new baby smell is the best thing in the world.

  6. Jordan Beard says:

    Congrats! Same here, we have an almost 3 day old.

  7. Dexter Charles says:

    Congrats…i wore a fragrance from day one with our baby girl who is 4months in 2 days. Shes never had any respiratory or skin irritation issues nor her not recognizing me at anytime with different scents…she smiles so big when I get home from work, its the best!!

  8. Dexter Charles says:

    I would also say and add, scent is everywhere not just our fragrances. Laundry detergent on our clothes(not theirs), soaps and body washes, lotions, hair sprays, etc etc. If you believe in the idea of the baby smelling you, no scent…then all of those would have to be removed and become a neutral unscent thing.

  9. Billy Par says:

    I have no children and no parental instincts but I say introduce him to quality asap. Get him his own diaghilev bottle now, apply liberally :p cute kid Josh congrats

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