anyone had luck using something like Dixie cups for starts?

I have a boatload of seeds and want to start them in January and share with peeps as starts. Has anyone had luck using something like Dixie cups for starts? I have arugula, kale, delicata squash, acorn squash, dill, calabrese broccoli, basil, buttercrunch lettuce, cucumbers, and big Jim chili peppers.


  1. Tim Williams says:

    I sprout all my seeds in paper towels and zip lock baggy then put in dirt

  2. Maria Nease says:

    I saw where you take newspaper and make a cup, add soil, seeds . Once they grow you plant everything paper I’d biodegradable!

  3. Cathie Bridwell says:

    egg cartons make great starters

  4. Casey Jean says:

    Egg cartons
    Take out containers

  5. Rebecca Cook says:

    I like the egg carton rec! I get 5 dozen containers from Costco, so it would be easy to separate the types

  6. Cathie Bridwell says:

    using the cardboard egg containers, you only have to pull apart and plant carton/plant right into the ground. foam cartons cant be planted.

  7. Teanna Fitch says:

    Rebecca Cook I use the 5 dozen ones like trays and then use big craft/fabric scissors to separate when it comes time

  8. Cathie Bridwell says:

    concentrate juice containers are great for starting tomatoes and plastic shells that have mushrooms or other vegs.

  9. Barb Woehler says:

    Most paper egg cartons don’t break down quick enough. Your plants become rootbound . Same with the plant you purchase with the degrading pot or have the netting around their roots in the soil. As soon as I see a planter has that, I carefully tear away the netting… the plants do so much better

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