Anyone know what this is

Anyone know what this is? Moved into a new house and have no idea. Its growing fast. Midwest USA


  1. Bonnie Power says:

    These are ferns coming up out of the ground, this stage as the fronds uncurl, is called ‘fiddle head’ for the resemblance to the top of the neck of a violin. These are not btw, edible – only ostrich fern fiddle heads are to be eaten

  2. Abby Slaght says:

    Thanks! Very cool looking!

  3. Lavander Brennan says:

    I’m thinking a fern but they are usually green.

  4. David Carley says:

    Looks like fern

  5. Pauline Brown says:

    Could be a fern called Burgundy lace

  6. Nadia Dixon says:

    Looks like some sort of fern

  7. Landie Conley says:

    dead looking bracken

  8. Karen Bedford says:

    Some type of fern going by its leaves .

  9. Kath Ashby says:

    Looks very much like fern to me

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