Anyone know whats wrong with my Impatiens

Anyone know whats wrong with my Impatiens?


  1. Penny Hubbard says:

    Water water water

  2. Patricia Holland says:

    If they’re in full sun, they’ll never be happy ?
    They’re shade only

  3. Maureen Green says:

    They look a bit dry we haven’t had much rain to water the plants properly I’m having the same problem

  4. Dallas Erickson says:

    Soil need more drainage. You are like me with lots of red clay.

  5. Nicky Gilchrist says:

    I wonder did you soak them properly before planting??

  6. Irv Swerve says:

    It’s obvious to everyone, have to laugh.

  7. Suzette LaVelle says:

    They need water ?, they get stressed when transplanted. Water , miracle grow and tlc.

  8. Mecaela Bilan says:

    Rich soi,l water ,and shady space…

  9. Carolyn Hadfield says:

    Are they sun patients or not!

  10. Carolyn Hadfield says:

    Maybe too much sun!

  11. Carolyn Hadfield says:

    Is the soil real sandy?.

  12. Jay English says:

    amend the soil, water more, they need shade. Not a sun loving plant.

  13. Carrie Monson says:

    Shady spot, water, mulch.

  14. Jesie Fernandez says:

    Soil looks dry..needs water and mulch..May too much sun there

  15. Andrea Pronko says:

    Farmer You could mulch them with straw? They require lots of water, so a mulch could help retain water in the soil.

  16. George Clency says:

    Charles The impatients were sick of waiting

  17. Amanda Cobb says:

    The soil has zero nutrients & it’s dry as a bone!

  18. Cynthia Culebro says:

    Alorda Too much sun and little water, best in a shady place

  19. Keever need some some good dirt and miracle grow and more water .

  20. Cheryl Galena says:

    Needs water, they require a lot of water.

  21. Beulah Clemens says:

    Glick Need a soaker hose timed to go on 2x a week for 15 minutes.

  22. Soil looks dry and needs compost.

  23. Phyllis Bitner says:

    Direct sunlight..Impatients can’t handle that.

  24. Linda Shobe says:

    Needs water and mulch. Might be too much son<

  25. Pat Cameron says:

    Perhach Elliott They need water daily, mulch will keep the soil from drying out so fast. Did you put good soil in the hole?

  26. Altom There are inpatients that require no more than 4 to 6 hours sun but mainly their shade plants. Soil needs to be amended. Use part peat moss, sand and or potting soil. And there are sunpatients that love sun. Too much water leads to fungus. Try a mixture of rain water or distilled water with ounce of white vinegar and 1 or 2 tablespoons of baking soda and spray plants. Hope you have success with them.

  27. Judy Tarrant-wiggins says:

    Way to much sun and the soil looks really dry

  28. Sharon Reardon says:

    Impatiens prefer shade or semi-shade, and our soil looks dry. So–too much sun, not enough water.

  29. Elaine Andrews says:

    New guinea impatiens need sun and lots of water
    Others…totaly opposite

  30. Vickie Smallridge-Pullen says:

    These flowers like the shade. Too much sun will do this. ?

  31. Leslie Wallis says:

    Eley These are New Guinea impatiens, so they can take more sun than the regular ones with thin green leaves, & can go a little drier without wilting. But the dirt in that pic looks very dry & dead. Needs organic matter to make it good soil for plants

  32. Karen Roeder-Morse says:

    Very dry and inpatients can’t have full sun they are a shade plant

  33. Margaret Jarvis says:

    They are not keen on full sun….move to partial shade…water well ?

  34. Anne Elizabeth says:

    Hallett Looks like frost

  35. Tabatha Cooper says:

    Plant other shrubs around it, that have height, to give the smaller ones some shade.

  36. Felicidad Nash says:

    Impatients love shady part of the garden and water regularly in a semi compost dirt.

  37. Norma Patterson says:

    Are you playing a joke on us Grant ??

  38. Jane Patterson says:

    Oh my Grant I have the urge to come over with my watering can, some of them look like they are on their last legs!

  39. Anna Petro says:

    Emergency room
    Rule 1 Fix the soil
    Rule 2 water more often
    Rule 3 plant them in pots and place them in a shady area
    Wishing them a speedy recovery

  40. Rhiannon Fox says:

    Ground is very dry for any plant.

  41. Kathy Sinclair says:

    Lack of water maybe, soil, looks dry

  42. Binarani Kangabam says:

    Look at the base of stem. If it looks rotted it could be fugirium rot.

  43. Mireya Cancio says:

    Rodriguez Inpatients don’t like direct sun, they like shade they need lots of water.

  44. Randee Bill says:

    Poor soil and no water

  45. Elizabeth Loraine says:

    I never have had any luck with these.

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