Anyone try parfums vintage, king or king intense?

Anyone try parfums vintage, king or king intense? Any thoughts? I was happy with pineaple vintage intense.. is this one betteR?


  1. Adam Rothschild says:

    PVI is pineapple heavy. King intense is straight up Aventus.

  2. Mark Mcauley says:

    Pineapple Vintage Intense is better to me cause it’s more its own thing to my nose, impressed with the house, Xbatch is good too

  3. Paulie Peanuts says:

    damn i need to try this stuff

  4. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Wait till September and Rush of unicorns will be in stock. From what I hear a better performing MI clone.

  5. Jonathan Storey says:

    I love PVI because it’s not that similar to Aventus, it’s great on its own. But King Intense is a better clone of Aventus for sure. I don’t use clones because I have so much of Aventus, but this one actually impressed me. PVI is still the best overall fragrance imo, but as far as a clone it’s pretty spot on.

  6. Paulie Peanuts says:

    Agreed with Gabriel Rodriguez – King seems to be geared towards an Aventus-like experience versus the original. Both gorgeous though.

  7. Paulie Peanuts says:

    damn judging from these comments i need to try this stuff.. im basically interested in a close clone.. I thought PVI was pretty close.

  8. Damien Stammers says:

    If you’re looking for a close clone then I would say King Intense is your frag ?

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