appear in your shop in the order you would like?

Is there a way to rearrange you items to appear in your shop in the order you would like? Thanks


  1. Rachael Simmons says:

    Yes, though I’ve only done it in my phone. I’m sure there is a way on the computer too. Which are you wanting to do?

  2. Rachael Simmons says:

    Go to “more” on the sell on Etsy app, then settings, then shop settings, then rearrange your shop

  3. Lisa Tribble McAndrews says:

    If you click edit shop then scroll down to your listings there is a rearrange button you can click and then move your listings around.

  4. Hala Ismail says:

    I was just on my pc and found a note “rearrange listings” on top of my listings. Check it out, I was doing something else so didnt click on it.

  5. Debbie Cura Gore says:

    I feel like such a dummy. I am in my shop and went to listings, put do not see anywhere to move them around. The only thing I find is to rearrange my alphabet, expiration date, etc. Of course, I cant find where it says edit shop

  6. Debbie Cura Gore says:

    Thanks everyone. I found it. Much appreciated ??

  7. Ewa Trojanowska says:

    I suppose you have to upgrade to a plan, do you?

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