are not interested in it and you rather would swap?

What is the point of posting a fragrance and people offering to buy it because obviously you are not interested in it and you rather would swap? If you want another frag why don’t you take the capital and buy another one….feeling perplexed anyone else feel this way or differently… explain please!!!


  1. Omar Arguelles says:

    Hahahaha finally a person think the same I though a lot of times seeing that ??

  2. Tannon Gilmore says:

    Don’t understand it for the life of me…especially if you don’t want it or like it pass it to an enthusiast who WILL WEAR IT!!

  3. Omar Arguelles says:

    Tannon Gilmore I perfectly understand you man, I think is only that idea of “Im not selling .. Im swaping”.. they just need to stop and think 2 seconds ??

  4. Tannon Gilmore says:

    Omar Arguelles honestly I hate to be abrasive but it makes no sense at all

  5. Daniel Wurz says:

    I personally hate swapping bc I never keep anything I don’t like and never have anything to swap

  6. Bido Senioritti says:

    Myself included and when I have posted a swap if someone REALLY wants the juice and offers money for it I make it happen because they obviously want the juice and will do it justice by wearing it

  7. Blake Caudle says:

    I think bc they feel they can get a better offer swapping. People wouldn’t pay much for it

  8. David Thomas says:

    But you offer retail and they still say…I’d rather swap….dude/chick you clearly do t want the frag part with it honorably lol

  9. Mychal Cure says:

    This is very true!

  10. Trevor Rabbach says:

    Tannon Gilmore u offered retail? And they still rather swap? ?

  11. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    The only way to start with Joop and end with MFK is swapping. Just watch, you will see people asking for $$$$ bottles in trade for $ bottles.

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