Are some of these worth a buy?

Are some of these worth a buy?


  1. Angel Gaitan says:

    Azzaro, yes. For that price.

  2. Anthony Ill Bill Johnson says:

    Its up to you.

  3. Trett Andrews says:

    You still there

  4. Trett Andrews says:

    If you still there man can you grab me that wanted it should be 21$ after extra 20% (you are at elder beerman right)

  5. Dritan Edi says:

    I’m at Bergners they are going out of business

  6. Trett Andrews says:

    Dritan yeah man that’s like my department store near me

  7. Dritan Edi says:

    What city you live?

  8. Trett Andrews says:

    Dritan Edi Sandusky ohio

  9. Dritan Edi says:

    I’ll grab 2 bottles

  10. Trett Andrews says:

    how much would you charge me to ship to me brother before you grab it.

  11. Dritan Edi says:

    I’ll have to ask but its ok if you dont take it

  12. Dritan Edi says:

    Trett Andrews i’ll keep both if you dont want it, all good bro, i’ll aks tomorrow and let you know

  13. Trett Andrews says:

    Dritan Edi thank you what was final price you got it for?

  14. Dritan Edi says:

    Its 1.7oz , 23 with taxes

  15. Dritan Edi says:

    Trett Andrews i’ll ask tomorrow

  16. Justin White says:

    Wanted for that price us really good. Aura is a great women’s perfume and Muse is the favorite fragrance my wife wears. It’s absolutely stunning.

  17. Edison F. Martinez says:

    What else do they have?

  18. Dritan Edi says:

    500ml angel for 306

  19. Edison F. Martinez says:

    Jesus lol

  20. Edison F. Martinez says:

    Any Chanel?

  21. Dritan Edi says:

    Edison F. Martinez nope

  22. Dritan Edi says:

    Edison F. Martinez nah, not much to choice

  23. Edison F. Martinez says:

    Legend for $20 is that a 5 oz?

  24. Dritan Edi says:

    Edison F. Martinez 5oz

  25. Edison F. Martinez says:

    That’s a good deal

  26. Kenny De Wit says:

    Azzaro wanted is a good one. Projection and sillage are very good. Its a freshie with ambroxine like invictus but imo better

  27. John Wunner says:

    At a Bon Ton closing sale?!

  28. Brandon Yambura says:

    26.80 for a 3.4oz Azzaro Wanted is definitely worth a blind buy in my opinion. I had to get that one just for the damn bottle design. Of course right after I got it they released Wanted by Night which is even better.

  29. Brandon Yambura says:

    Still a great price though, I think I paid 30 or 32 for mine on fragnet.

  30. Edmond Carter says:

    For those prices you can’t go wrong

  31. Gina Steddar says:

    I’d be all over the Aura

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