Are the 2016 batches of Aventus that bad?

Are the 2016 batches of Aventus that bad? They are for sale everywhere…


  1. Chauncey Clark says:

    Smells ok to me

  2. Zee Frags says:

    You get a couple people hating on every generation of Aventus. They’re not bad at all. In fact, they’re good. I sell the stuff on eBay and send my card in all the packages and people contact me daily trying to buy more at a better price. I’ve tried almost every batch of Aventus after 2015 and probably 3/4 of all them ever made and I see no reason whatsoever for anyone to put down 2016. Sure 16A01 was a little weak and maybe that wasn’t the best debut for 2016 and everyone is judging off of that, but imo everything C01 and later is super solid

  3. Zee Frags says:

    Lol thx haven’t checked it out yet

  4. James Epler says:

    Np at all. If you decide on a decant send a pm and I’ll get you squared away.

  5. Cerron Pritchett says:

    They are good just toned down..get some 2013 and you’ll see what I mean…Antonio Hernandez here sells it…I mixed it with my 2016 decant to make it stronger

  6. Daniel Wurz says:

    Nice I have a couple batches along with the 11Z01 and 2015 was not too good imo

  7. Chauncey Clark says:

    16C01 is great…

  8. Ryan Fillion says:

    Well, if you consider they are the only year that is currently in production, it makes sense.

  9. John Brice Bain says:

    Seems obvious

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