as less than 1% in the last 2 weeks.. !?

Chiming in on fellow sellers posts of being slow.. our last 2 weeks has been an absolute rollercoaster! Unless your niche is Halloween I believe people are just not buying as much.
We typically have 15-20+ daily orders lately now but these last 2 weeks we have had 3 days where we only sold less than 5 orders daily! 3 orders in a day was our lowest and we haven’t seen that in MONTHS! Weird thing was we had 25 orders in one day last Monday followed by 7 orders on Tuesday.. and up and down since 2nd week of Oct. we are left scratching our heads on this rollercoaster ride as we are typically very steady and hardly any crazy fluctuations in sales just a steady up trend.. We couldn’t remember of days like these at all!
We are in the baby and kids niche so we typically have no season and sell pretty consistent all year round. So not sure if Etsy is doing some crazy stuff in the backend.
The pic below illustrates that we’ve been steady on visits and views as well and have been as high as near 5% conversion to as low as less than 1% in the last 2 weeks.. !?! Crossing our fingers that we get back to steady again soon..
Lastly we also noticed that one of our top competitors in our niche who typically has 50+ orders a day also began to slow down and even went as low as 19 sales in a day which is unheard of for them.. (yes we track our top 20 competitors very closely so we can easily identify market trends and be ahead of the curb whether in new designs, promos, etc.)


  1. Rosie Pierce says:

    Weirdly it’s been the same for me. Going from 20ish to 6-10 a day.

  2. Valine Kobasic says:

    We have had our first decline also. Started in Sept, Oct has not been good. We were averaging 20-30/day. Lucky to see 10-15/day the last 3 weeks. Its a rude awakening to not put all our eggs in the Etsy basket. Used the down time to fix up shop, catch up on listings, & polish up our shopify some… while preparing for the holiday rush.

  3. Daryl Canonigo says:

    We are doing the same actually! Certainly a rude awakening and forced us to refocus our energy back to updating our Shopify store! This Etsy roller coaster is unexpected specially when we were gearing up our shop for the upcoming holiday sales by posting new products regularly and polishing our listings..

  4. Valine Kobasic says:

    I posted about 12 new listings today, about 12 new listings last week. Seeing slightly more action. Favorites have increased, especially on the popular Christmas gift type items. Hoping its a sign of a turnaround come Nov.

  5. Daryl Canonigo says:

    Valine Kobasic awesome! Yeah the whole favorites is driving me crazy personally as each time my phone buzzes I was secretly hoping a sale but instead see a favorite.. still grateful but… ?

    Wishing you guys a very profitable Nov and Dec! Let’s all rock this end of year! ???

  6. Pedja Terzin says:

    Same thing here, we were so excited how we figured out “this Etsy thing” to perform amazingly for the last 3 years, and then we got a cold shower this month. An interesting thing is that our top sellers, that didnt have any reason to be penalized, all…

  7. Amanda Abel says:

    Pedja Terzin how do you find out what page someone found you on?

  8. Amanda Abel says:

    Pedja Terzin Thank you!!

  9. Melanie Glover Munson says:

    This post actually makes me feel better. Our shops averages about 25 sales a day and yesterday we had 3. We sell digital party printable. Our shop has had more sales month after month, but this month we are down from a year ago even (when we had half of the listings) I’m starting to freak me out a little.

  10. Natty Mungkung Wong says:

    In the past 3 days my shop has been so slow ;(. I try to think positive I have time to work on a new design and prepare for local holiday market that coming. At lease I am not alone.

  11. Ashley Casey says:

    im in the kid/baby niche also and this is the slowest month i have had in over 2 years. i for the life of me cannot figure it out because my visits are steady…even today was the most visits in one day but the slowest day i have had in months. My charts look like a heartbeat. lol Its for sure giving me the push to open another shop off etsy.

  12. Daryl Canonigo says:

    This was part of the reason we opened our Shopify store as to not put our eggs in one basket but it simply does involve much much more work and really need to drive the right traffic to it. Definitely more ad spend on the stand alone store through soc…

  13. Mariana Popa says:

    Yes, true. So hard to drive traffic to our own shop.

  14. Mariana Popa says:

    On Etsy is also difficult these days. Although october was not a bad month for us, I can see that visits and views drop to nearly half. The last week is dramatic. Very few sales per day.

  15. Mariana Popa says:

    I spend a lot of money for ads and Etsy just swallowed the money and no return for this

  16. Frederieke Grange says:

    Thats so strange, my shop has taken a big plunge after the May algorithm changes and not recovered since, but this last week or so things have finally picked up for me! (Selling baby & kids clothes, nothing to do with Halloween)

  17. Ephie Kay says:

    saying that you spy on your fellow etsians makes you look like an arse

  18. Camille Laborderie says:

    What? Its actually common practice to check on your competitors so you can get a better feel of you market, trends and such. Its called benchmarking if Im not mistaken.

  19. Szilvi Watson says:

    Thats not very kind to say… Can we keep the conversation helpful, please? Of course they keep an eye on their competitors! I wish I had the time and skill to do so. But even if you dont agree, you can say it nicely, perhaps…

  20. Susann Hatcher says:

    Awhh the hypocrisy ?… accuses another seller of being immoral by “spying” on a competitor, which as has been said is a normal business practice, then reacts to the replies with “dont come on facebook for manners lessons”.

  21. Daryl Canonigo says:

    Oh don’t be naive.. fellow etsians? You mean market competitors? Yes we keep an eye on our competitors as we are a 6-figure a year Business in Etsy and do rely on our business to live. This isn’t a hobby. It’s a full time business. And very profitable …

  22. Daryl Canonigo says:

    Ephie Kay well I’m guessing you’re missing the point better yet I’m missing the point of why you’re in this group which specifically teaches the effective strategies to become a better fisherman. This isn’t a hand holding let’s sing koombaya group. This is a business marketing group solely aim to help sellers make MORE profit. Is it not??

  23. Ephie Kay says:

    Daryl Canonigo good on you just dont appeal to me as a seller like to discuss this more???

  24. Daryl Canonigo says:

    Ephie Kay that’s ok with me.. you’re not my target customer. I don’t need to appeal to you as a seller as I’m not here to sell. I’m here to share, learn and grow within this community of Etsy Sellers who aims to employ the strategies taught here and…

  25. Alison Taylor-Harder says:

    Hey friends, just popping in here to remind everyone that the rules of the group clearly state that this is meant to be a safe, respectful group, and there is to be no public shaming or bullying. There is zero tolerance for breaking this rule. I’m sorr…

  26. Pili Nicholas says:

    October has been a rollercoaster, I think it is because of he election, it will be back to normal and soon Christmas shoppers

  27. are your kids clothes are print on demand? What are your product actually.

  28. Vivian Halvatsis says:

    OMG! I was just about to post on this exact same thing!!! You beat me to it ? Anyway, very very slow the last 10 days or so! I have been getting some views and visits here and there and an occasional order but with Christmas coming up I was hoping for a little more action! Lots of my items are in cart but thats not a sale ? oh well ??? things pick up soon!

  29. Trina Esquivelzeta says:

    Maybe the new algorithm was a bit too big for even Etsy to handle. They also must have noticed the downturn

  30. Nicole Christine says:

    Slowest two weeks of my whole year! I was getting very nervous!

  31. Mandy Keeton Moore says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’ve had just under 200 sales per month for the past 3 months and this month I’ll be happy to break 100. My hubs has said it’s bc it’s halloween, so hopefully it rings true. Do you think it will pick back up next month or continue this trend til the new year?

  32. Pili Nicholas says:

    Mandy Keeton Moore it will totally pick up 3rd week of November

  33. Heather Messer says:

    I was about to text her the same thing. I’m using this week to get ahead and prep for the holidays.

  34. Mandy Keeton Moore says:

    Heather Messer You are the greatest ever! I need to prep bad!!! My customer response to holiday stuff this year thus far has been nil.

  35. Tara Currie Sheheane says:

    I’m so happy you posted this. I have been so worried the past two weeks. Everything was going great and then boom everything almost came to a screeching halt. So strange. Your post made me realize that I’m not alone and that made me feel a little better. ?

  36. Daryl Canonigo says:

    Let’s all keep our heads up and continue to work even harder.. those who do always reap the rewards! If you’re feeling a bit discourage post on here as a lot of us are in the same boat and will be there to provide words of encouragement! Though some o…

  37. Mariana Popa says:

    I really like your post and encouraging words.

  38. Mariana Popa says:

    I feel sometimes that I am doing wrong when sales drop.

  39. Linda Gillman says:

    Theres probably a few reasons. Second half of October is when all the credit card bills are due from school shopping. Etsy is trying all kinds of things to beef up sales and they might have messed something up – definitely known to happen We are also way too far away from Christmas for most people to have started yet. I always have a few weeks of panic and then get slammed when the real Christmas season kicks in.

  40. Regina Boger says:

    I have been averaging 10+ sales a day and am doing 2 to 5 the last week to 10 days. Thankfully the beginning of the month was good so as not to have a bad month. No convos coming in either which is very strange as it is normal to have a dozen or more a day there too.

  41. Angelica Gottberg says:

    I like your idea of tracking your competitions sales too by the way, I need to start doing that.

  42. Xine Lewis says:

    same. Im just trying to focus on making shop improvements that im normally struggling to find the time for. Views are a tad down (which i tried to correct via being more PL aggressive cuz thats who i am….yeah that was a disaster! lol) but sales …

  43. Daryl Canonigo says:

    Love the hashtags!! ?I needed a little vodka in that lemonade this past week though ??

  44. Aimee Wright says:

    Daryl how do you track the people who sell similar items? I’d like to learn how to do that ?

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