Autumn on a plate Edible flowers and leaves from my

Autumn on a plate:
Edible flowers and leaves from my garden
Bean flowers
Wild rocket
Accompaniment to Cream Cheese scone with Caramilsed onion marmalade .
Tip : Use nasturtium flowers instead of pepper in your salads, looks pretty and does the trick


  1. Christine Ferguson says:

    Beautiful, but a shame to eat them!

  2. Mandy McGill says:

    Christine Ferguson I was thinking that!!

  3. Esther Genaske says:

    Stunning Roby! WOW! Youre artistry is once again so very impressive! So AWESOME! Now to try and match all the flower names you listed to which one they belong to in your beautiful photo! <3

  4. That is a work of art, to be painted before eating.

  5. Leonie Shuck says:

    It looks delicious and so beautiful!

  6. Rosemary Ruth Ryan says:

    Wow what a stunning plateful. So pretty and bright ?????????

  7. Shara Michelle Fish says:

    I feel like we should be friends. Were so on the same wavelength. this is incredible!

  8. Mary Usary Sauder says:

    That looks yummy but too pretty to eat.

  9. Lou Berardi says:

    Im coming to your house for dinner!?

  10. Roby Imran says:

    Always welcome, pick your own salad and I’ll put fresh scones in the oven xx

  11. Mary Pipkin says:

    I love to use nasturtium in salads, not tried the others but will now! x

  12. Samad Gangat says:

    Exotic,amazing, colourful and most of all naturally tasteful Im sure.
    ZABARDAST for sure.

  13. Julie Georgina Eaton says:

    looks beautiful and tastes delicious, win win xxx

  14. Kath Conway says:

    Very pretty, almost too pretty to eat!

  15. Sandra Elmina Hoyte says:

    Can you imagine a supermarket selling fresh gorgeous edible flowers

  16. Lou Berardi says:

    Sandra Elmina Hoyte, I dont know over there, sorry….

  17. Sandra Elmina Hoyte says:

    Lou Berardi Just Google there are on line services but I rather pick them self fresh

  18. Roby Imran says:

    You can grow all these flowers, very easy growers , try it xx

  19. Rona J Crabbe says:

    What a wonderful edible
    Arrangement of flowers
    So pretty xx

  20. Roby Imran says:

    Thankyou for all your kind responses dear peeps, we are so conditioned to eating things out of packets that we over look the gems that Nature has provided us free of cost!! This is my humble endeavour in tempting you all to reconnect with Nature…. This is how it was supposed to be before the onslaught of chemicals and additives in food!

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