Aventus is the Holy Grail (BEST) fragrance of all time?

Does everyone think Creed Aventus is the Holy Grail (BEST) fragrance of all time? Thoughts and opinions.


  1. Deric Metzger says:

    Not even close for me. Speaking of, I’m about ready to swap my 4oz for a 50ml of an Areej le Dore if anybody’s interested. PM me.

  2. Joey Bengtson says:

    Not even close! #overrated #goodnotgreat

  3. Irving Navarro says:

    Hell no it’s not…

  4. Its a classic! but the QA on the formulations has burned me to say its a holy grail… its more like holy grail batches

  5. Curtis Canady says:

    Its def not king, only king to people who spend to much money on this . Put this up with other frags n women will choose that instead of aventus. It smells good but not the king ?

  6. Tony Green says:

    No such thing… It’s just one of thousands of dam good fragrances…

  7. Mark Mcauley says:

    Not greatest of all time but original and one of most imitated currently,

  8. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    Huh ?!

  9. Jonathan Carlson says:

    I agree with Tony Green, it’s just one of thousands of great fragrances. But, if you did have to pick one as “the best”, wouldn’t it be a fragrance that has been around the longest and is still relevant in the present day, like Chanel No.5 or Shalimar (just a guess, I have no idea)?

  10. Charles Martinez says:

    Not even top 100 for me, sorry. And I have decants of several batches. Just don’t get the hype.

  11. Alexandre Campioni says:

    Kkkkk you are funny ! Aventus is just ok

  12. Ronnie Tufail Jutt says:

    It is the best yes but so many people Knows about it and it doesn’t make it unique it was in the beginning cuz not many people knew about it but now no it’s not anymore plus u can’t just part away from the rest of ur collection

  13. Ronnie Tufail Jutt the thing with that is ppl in my area know nothing bout creed. Or niche period. So when i wear it from my decante the compliments and wonders are there. But i hate telling ppl what im wearing.

  14. Ronnie Tufail Jutt says:

    Clay Dee lol I know the feeling bro u know what I do when some one asks me about the perufme I got on I just say I layered them let them figure that out ?

  15. Ronnie Tufail Jutt lmao… Thats a good one. Like y would i want u get my frag for ur man so he can smell like me. No mf. U wana smell this scent im wearing. Give me ur number and u can smell me anytime u like.lol

  16. Ronnie Tufail Jutt says:

    Clay Dee ??? bro just say u layered it up
    u know what that means rite ?

  17. Ronnie Tufail Jutt with the jell body wash and fragrance right?

  18. Ronnie Tufail Jutt says:

    Clay Dee. No no u put one perfume on and then u put another on on top of that so it’s mix and match but if u know about the notes to be exact (which I do) so I know exactly which perfumes to layer and which perufmes can get layered easily

  19. Nah im still learning what goes with what as far as notes concern. Id ending chocking people out. Lol

  20. Ronnie Tufail Jutt says:

    Clay Dee lol I recommend don’t try it then especially with oud

  21. Ronnie Tufail Jutt nah def not with oud…lol.

  22. I smelled it for the first a few weeks ago. U know cuz im a rookie here. And the hype was all over the place. So my curiosity was peeking. I was in love but not heaven. When i smelled black phantom and virgin water i was in heaven.

  23. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Black Phantom runs circles around Aventus

  24. Brother yes… I just placed an order for it and scent of peace from bond. Building my catalog over here but creed will def be in the list

  25. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Clay Dee those are both great choices! IMO. I like creed as well, just not a fan of the prices lmao

  26. Vennie Venividivici Williams yea the price is a bitch. But i swore off designer once i bought my first niche bottle. Simply cuz everybody wears them. Gio. Versace. Chanel. Dior. My hope is to have an assortment of frag so when i do tell ppl what i got on .they like wth is that. Lol. As my daddy use to say. Go big or go home

  27. But trust… I have some travel atomizers im collecting too.

  28. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Clay Dee I totally feel you on that, I was like that once I smelled my first By Kilian!

  29. Right. They dont smell tge same to me no more. Like i was a huge fan of dior. But than i smelled layton by LDM. And it killed the game for me

  30. Ronnie Tufail Jutt says:

    I am getting black phantom and it’s a blind buy

  31. Ronnie Tufail Jutt brother.. Ur blindly walking into bunch of goodness. Trust me it is beautiful

  32. Ronnie Tufail Jutt says:

    Clay Dee can’t wait bro still have to wait by the end of the month so sad

  33. Ima order mine next month since i already bought two bottles of good stuff.

  34. Kerry Dominick says:

    Maybe not the king but Top 10 all time.

    It’s super versatile and garners compliments. I have other frags I prefer but will ALWAYS own Aventus. You can’t go wrong with it. As with anything though it’s all subjective

  35. Danny Milea says:

    Hell 2 the NO!
    But yes… if you’re going to get reaction from the MASSES ( dumb fat lazy people that make up 99.9999% of this world – not you fine elite citizens reading this) then yes it’s the best.

    But what pisses me off is people with HUGE collections still supporting this as if it’s Jesus! It’s not interesting. It’s a f***ing pineapple smell. Leather and oud and Amber smell wayyy more interesting than this.

    I’m just so disappointed with the level of…… brainwashing about this fragrance from the “smart” and sophisticated people. It’s just baffling. Take the Red pill folks, take the red pill.

  36. Irving Navarro says:

    ?? preach brother preach

  37. Danny Milea says:

    i kinda went off there … oops

  38. Irving Navarro says:

    Danny Milea no you didn’t, you didn’t say enough lol..Aventus is highly overrated, so much better stuff out there and everyone is stuck on one fragrance. Pisses me off. I don’t own it for a lot of reasons

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