Aventus smells like Sprite

Aventus smells like Sprite


  1. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    Two things: You’re a dumbass who only seek attention saying stupid things like this or something is VERY wrong with your nose.

  2. Shane DeMille says:

    Why resort to name-calling? Not trying to be an asshat, but really?

  3. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    Stupid answers to stupid statements ?

  4. Shane DeMille says:

    Pepe Villalobos Duque Maybe he’s being serious—maybe he got punched in the nose last night, or is on medication that alter the sense of smell—or maybe, like you said, he’s trying to get attention, but perhaps name-calling isn’t fitting for people like us. Just saying. No offense

  5. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    Non taken Shane. I gave two options. If he’s not being an ass then maybe indeed something is very wrong with his nose and no offense will be taken.

  6. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    If he’s clowning then he deserves it. Just saying.

  7. Michael Jerro says:

    what kind of name is Pepe?

  8. Mista Calhoun says:

    I didn’t get Sprite, however it’s not what idiots try to make it out to be

  9. Robert Howard says:

    Definitely no Sprite

  10. Michael Jerro says:

    I respect your opinion

  11. Remco van Elleswijk says:

    Really? Tsst

  12. Brandon Yambura says:

    Nope. Mancera Lemon Line does though.

  13. Alberto González Ruiz says:

    So many people got their booty tickled over this ?

  14. Marcus Bell says:

    Definitely the first time I’ve heard that as a comparison

  15. Eric Smith says:

    It actually smells like shit. Lol ? Pineapple ?and shit. Hahaha

  16. Michael Jerro says:

    To the unsophisticated olfactory yes, it might smell like “Sprite.” But to the gentlemen with class, style, elegance and a good sense of smell, Aventus smells like royalty in a bottle. Do some self examination brah. Aspire to be all of those things and more.

  17. Enrique Castillo says:

    i will think about such things

  18. Brad Woolslayer says:

    I think he meant Aventus smells like sh** and auto correct put Sprite

  19. Neringa Svobutaite says:

    I suppose it would be easy enough to turn a bottle of Green Irish Tweed into a fake Aventus.

  20. Allen Recinos says:

    Aventus smells like shite! Lol

  21. Alexis Mol-Hdz says:



  22. Ron Snowden says:

    Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

  23. Mokim Mohammad Elmoussaoui says:

    Because boobs!!!!!

  24. Danny Mosquera says:

    Get ready to get killed and kicked out of this group my man hahaha

  25. Mark Roberts says:

    Aventus who?..Insurrection pure 2

  26. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    Todays aventus smells nothing like the 2010 aventus

  27. Eric Smith says:

    Any grown ass man that likes aventus should really question their manhood. Shit smells like a high school locker room.

  28. Mark Roberts says:

    Must be some sophisticated locker rooms you’re in.

  29. Mark Roberts says:

    Pineapples, citruses, woody notes, vanilla and musk… Right a locker room…

  30. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    Tell me this locker room. It must belong to a royal prince.

  31. Mark Roberts says:

    Yeah a bunch of horn dogs trying to smell good but axe body spray and the like just ain’t cutting it when you grown.

  32. Eric Smith says:

    Aventus is just as bad as axe

  33. Mark Roberts says:

    Mark Roberts you can’t be serious lol

  34. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    Carlos J. Duncan I don’t follow the crowd and actually have a mind of my own. Aventus is terrible

  35. Mark Roberts says:

    Carlos J. Duncan don’t feed the troll.

  36. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    I feel the love for aventus is people trolling. You can’t all really believe it’s that good I refuse to accept it.

  37. Mark Roberts says:

    Mark Roberts you’re still following a crowd that hates it…

  38. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    Carlos J. Duncan that’s prob one of the dumbest things I’ve read all year

  39. Eric Smith says:

    I said the same for your comment saying it smells like a locker room.

  40. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    I love these posts cuz now I know who to never take a recommendation from

  41. Mark Roberts says:

    You act like people that enjoy a frag is yes men and people that hate it are some sophisticated individuals ..knock it off. It’s not the best frag I smelled or even own, it’s unique and reserved for special occasions, it also doesn’t smell like some cesspool of sweat and nastiness.

  42. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    Carlos J. Duncan he’s trying to engage in an argument. There is a high likelihood he trolling from somewhere in his mother’s basement.

  43. Mark Roberts says:

    Eric Smith I won’t say that but he definitely acting like a frag snob as if his opinion is the right answer and only answer

  44. Mark Roberts says:

    I’m saying there’s way more out there and if you go off of what the groups tell you is good your not experiencing all there is to be had. That shit is tired, everyday a new frag comes out yet all I see is aventus this n that. It’s really not good imo. …See More

  45. Mark Roberts says:

    Mark Roberts nobody cares if it means nothing to you, you got salty because people actually like it.

    Your opinion is yours, nobody actually knocked your dislike of it but you too high up on that horse of yours

  46. Mark Roberts says:

    Actually y’all didn’t like my opinion to begin with that’s why you responded to my post. Nobody cares if you like it so why do I have to see it everyday. Same thing just reversed.

  47. Mark Roberts says:

    Hahaha! Dumb ass! You’re actually trying to follow the crowd by trying to troll. Lemme guess? You can’t afford it?

  48. Jesse Balinong says:

    Chris Arcarola why don’t you go get some crayons and a helmet before you hurt yourself bro

  49. Michael Jerro says:

    Awe! Hurt your feelings???

  50. Danny Mosquera says:

    Yup brought a couple tears to my eyes

  51. Avery Michaels says:

    I believe it did!!!

  52. Bob Charlton says:

    Hahaha! Typical. Post a meme!!!!

  53. Ryan Fillion says:

    Sign of genius!!!

  54. Yanek Yakubov says:

    And you’re just exuding it yourself there champ

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