aventus. Would u take these or a bottle of aventus?

August haul! 13 bottles for the price of an aventus. Would u take these or a bottle of aventus? ?


  1. Heather Emmons says:

    How’s the mint?

  2. Robert LaCombe says:

    I’m not big on Aventus myself, but I’d take Aventus. Owned a couple from that haul, and not that interested in others.

  3. Quality over quantity almost every time. Take the Aventus

  4. Mehran Muzib says:

    kryptomint and joop homme ?

  5. Kevin Campbell says:

    Hmm that Eau Tres Fraiche makes this one a tough call. Probably the Aventus, though

  6. Srivathsa Subramanian Sivakumar says:

    Precisely..tdh ETF…

  7. Kristo Maves says:

    Just depends what you prefer I guess. I used to get Aventus testers for $90 and Terre Tres Fraiche is vastly superior alone to it IMO. You also got White and EN Sport too. Not big on the others but those three are solid.

  8. Robi Chia says:

    Coz i got mostly all the normal hitters d. Jz to fill up my collection. Haha

  9. Adam Keichel says:

    Aventus – the bottles pictured are nice but you’ll grow tired of them rather quickly and end up selling most if not all.

  10. Jake Magill says:

    The aventus, and one day you will sell a bundle like this to make way for stuff like aventus and more expensive niche

  11. Adam Keichel says:

    Exactly. Would you want 10 Corollas or 1 Lamborghini?

  12. Eric Smith says:

    Aventus. I can’t stand cheapies for the most part.

  13. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Wow! There’s a lot of dick riding of Aventus! Lmao crazy!

  14. Nadim Akram says:

    Aventus pic send me

  15. Amín C Ali says:

    To be honest, aventus..

  16. Austin Hastings says:

    Aventus by far

  17. Karl Vaughn says:

    Aventus no doubt

  18. João Martins says:

    One good perfume and 12 after shave/detergent scents. I’m not a big fan of Aventus but I rather have it than 50 bottles of perfumes like those

  19. Hugo Talhamares Montez says:

    Classic ?

  20. João Martins says:

    Hugo Talhamares Montez um gajo tem de ser honesto!

  21. Hugo Talhamares Montez says:

    João Martins mesmo! O único verdadeiramente bom é o Hermès.

  22. João Martins says:

    Hugo Talhamares Montez vês como tu sabes ?

  23. Hugo Talhamares Montez says:

    João Martins fácil ?

  24. Bernardo Marinho says:

    Hahaha mas o homem tem ali encre noire sport e lalique white q são porreiros, e o Hermès. O resto é fraquinho sim

  25. Hugo Talhamares Montez says:

    Eu nunca cheirei o EN Sport nem o Lalique White. Mas como não sou fã de EN, fico sempre com um pé atrás. Já com o Lalique White não faço ideia. Mas acredito que sejam porreiros. Eu até o Joop acho piada na medida que foi o pioneiro daquele género de super sweet scents. Mas eu já conheço o João, sabia que ele estava a falar do Terre apenas 😛

  26. I think I would have taken the aventus over all them and I’m not a fan of it .i think you have one half decent frag in the Tdh and 12 rubbish ones that I don’t think are worth wearing let alone owning .but each to there own every ones nose is different you may enjoy sum of them but I recon you will be trying to get rid of a majority of them in a while

  27. Avery Michaels says:

    I’m actually not sure. Maybe the bundle? I like the bvlgari frags and obviously the Terre and Kryptomint.

    Actually, I’d probably rather have the Aventus. It will take years of smelling pretty mediocre to get through all of these bottles.

  28. Kevin Campbell says:

    I actually think people are being way too harsh. This would be a nice start for someone with designer frags. The EN Sport, TdH ETF, Kryptomint, and Man Extreme are all quality warm weather scents. I would have kept those and used the rest to get a Pineapple Vintage Intense.

  29. Bob Charlton says:

    aventus, but you do have some nice frags there!

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