batch is better of all.. 17N01 or 17Q11 or 16H01?

For Aventus which batch is better of all.. 17N01 or 17Q11 or 16H01? Any suggestions


  1. Edmond Carter says:

    I’m a newbie but ain’t it the same exact juice just a new batch was made for production

  2. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Enjoy but if I gotta worry about batch variations on fragrances, I won’t last long.

  3. Jeff Phillips says:

    Batch variation talk on Aventus has been happening since it’s release in 2010. I don’t think it’s going away any time soon…

  4. Gina Steddar says:

    If you’re into Aventus, you’ll get it, otherwise all will be good ?

  5. Miguel Angel Ramos says:

    The Smokey batch

  6. Victor Bello says:

    17q11 for bright pineapple
    17n01 for darker fruity batch
    16h01 is ok ..skip it

  7. Jeff Phillips says:

    I would trust Victor’s assessments.

  8. Liam Barrett says:

    I hate this batch code shit. I hate it with every fiber of my being.

  9. Derek Pruitt says:

    I own 17Q01 and it’s solid.

  10. Derek Pruitt says:

    But really they all smell like Aventus

  11. Darren Michael says:

    They are all good. Just don’t buy them on eBay from names normal folks cannot pronounce.

  12. Roman Garcia says:

    So I’ve always been afraid to ask, but why is it only with Aventus that people trip about the batch codes?

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