Best niche fragrances for the winter guys?

Best niche fragrances for the winter guys?


  1. Haitham Elhwarey says:

    Perfume de marly herod
    Amouage Interlude
    Pardon Nasomatto

  2. Almog Frechter says:

    Yes i love 3 of them so much !

  3. Michaela Mahringer says:

    Dans tes bras Frederic Malle ❤️

  4. Chad Fogleman says:

    Creed Royal Oud, Profumum Ambra Aurea, Xerjoff More Than Words.

  5. Chad Fogleman says:

    And Chergui! I forgot Chergui.

  6. Muhammad Kamran Khan says:

    PDM Herod, Zino Davidoff. Le male.

  7. Rafa Moreno Pérez says:

    L’air du désert marocain Tauer Perfumes, Tango Masque Milano, Myrrhe impériale Armani Privé, Fetish Pour Homme Roja Dove, “M” Puredistance, Ambre Fétiche Annick Goutal, Tobacco Vanille TF, Láudano Nero Tiziana Terenzi, Ambre Loup Rania J., Grand soir Francis Kurkdjian, African Leather Memo Paris, Prívate Label and Les jeux sont faits Jovoy Paris, interlude and jubilation XXV amouage, black afgano nasomatto, musc ravageur FM…..

  8. Chad Fogleman says:

    Lots of good ones man. I need to try that Fétiche and musc ravageur!

  9. Rafa Moreno Pérez says:

    Chad Fogleman Try also if you have not done it yet tango by masque milano, absolute masterpiece!

  10. Kevin Finklea says:

    Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental,
    Lubin Le Vetiver,
    Aedes de Venustas Pélargonium
    Marlys Beyerly

  11. Mohamed Emira says:

    Amouage Interlude

  12. Donovan Twaddle says:

    New favorites:
    Leather by Commodity and
    Silver Moss by Rebel Fragrance House

  13. John Howard says:

    Oajan, ambre narguile, herod, chergui, I love ny for all, mitzah, interlude man, Naxos, intense cafe, musc ravageur, Tonka imperial, single malt, chocolate greedy, and sorriso

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