Best sandalwood fragrances?

Best sandalwood fragrances? With great sillage and projection…. GO!!


  1. Frank Hansen says:

    Tom Ford santal blush, By kilian sacred wood, Atelier cologne’s santal carmin.

  2. Suzanne Sharief says:

    I’m not too familiar with many alcohol based Sandalwood fragrances. I own Tam Dao and Santal Royal but nothing compares to pure Sandalwood oil. Which is a very intimate skin scent that will not have amazing projection but it’s almost therapeutic to the soul.

  3. Khawar Ali says:

    I just received mysore sandalwood oil from India through a friend. Its lovely

  4. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Where did you get the sandal oil from? Theres a lot of sellers online but its hard to tell if the product is genuine.

  5. Frank Hansen says:

    Hamid Abudhaise Ensar Oud

  6. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Frank Hansen anything more affordable? ?

  7. Suzanne Sharief says:

    Hamid Abudhaise we use certain Indian and Middle Eastern (lower quality ) brands. The best affordable Indian are crown and miso.
    Swiss Arabian have two that are quiet pleasant I’ll find their exact names. They’re both called Sandalia one red one green.
    Al anoud sandalya is good option too.

  8. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Suzanne Sharief thanks. I dont understand what you mean by “lower quality” here. What is the reference for quality?
    I know that many Middle Eastern houses have a range of medium to high quality oils, including sandalwood, and this reflected in their …

  9. Suzanne Sharief says:

    Hamid Abudhaise Ajmal, Ashgar Ali and many more are Indian based I think. What I meant is that Arabian houses like ASQ and the rest are known for their ouds not Sandalwood specifically.

  10. Suzanne Sharief says:

    I might be wrong though lol

  11. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Suzanne Sharief they are all based in gulf or have their headquarters their, but the materials (and craftsmanship) are all originally from the Indian subcontinent. Sandalwood and Agarwood trees are not native to the gulf region as we all know, but the …

  12. Suzanne Sharief says:

    Hamid Abudhaise yes. I’m Sudanese and we use Sandalwood as the base for our traditional perfumes. We usually prefer hard core Indian companies and if it’s not available or too expensive we use Sandalwood oil from mainstream gulf companies like those mentioned above.

  13. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Suzanne Sharief yes exactly. Im interested in the original Oud oils and have been asking around, I even reached for Indian retailers but I cant find the thread anymore ?

  14. Jane Porter says:

    Hamid Abudhaise ASQ has a sandal oil which is lovely. I mix it with Jalaine’s Vanille for a simple, but beautiful, fragrance.

  15. Robert Howard says:

    I totally agree with you Suzanne Sharief!

  16. Robert Howard says:

    Hamid Abudhaise In the US Rising Phoenix Perfumery on Ets has excellent prices on sandalwood and ouds.

  17. Michael Romano says:

    Love my Valentino Uomo Noir Absolut

  18. Marian Lifephorm says:

    Xerjoff Richwood

  19. Chris Scott says:

    off the top of my head Dior – Santal Noir & Egoiste CC, Project like crazy and very strong. Santal Noir smells like Ambre Nuit, but with sandalwood and Egoiste CC smells like richer, amped up Egoiste.

  20. Chris Hall says:

    Santal 33 is my jam. So smooth, creamy and calming

  21. Dexter Gonzalez says:

    +1 for Sacred Wood By Kilian

  22. Bido Senioritti says:

    Original Santal and nothing else

  23. Hunter Axton says:

    Eccentric Molecules has a good synthetic sandalwood (javanol) in eccentric 04

  24. Jay Russel says:

    Suzanne Sharief whats the name if this one?

  25. Jay Russel says:

    Thanks Khawar Ali. The notes look interesting.

  26. Jay Russel says:

    Can you suggest Taif Rose fragrances or attars that wont hurt your pocket. ?

  27. Suzanne Sharief says:

    Jay Russel ASQ Taif Rose. And for red roses that smell velvety and damp then Tea rose which is like 10$ ? nothing will beat that one.

  28. Khawar Ali says:

    Tea rose is awesome!
    Also try bridal rose by asq, but it will hurt your pocket lol

  29. Joey Bengtson says:

    Le Labo Santal 33 or Alexandria Santal kiss

  30. Shawn L Varner says:

    Creed imperial santal

  31. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Mun Achi wow excellent link there ?

  32. Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule, TOBS Sandalwood, new AdP Sandalo is out of this world…

  33. Irving Navarro says:

    LeLabo Santal 33 hands down.

  34. Bibi Byrd says:

    Arden Men Sandalwood- oldie but a goodie

  35. Charles Martinez says:

    Valentino Uomo Noir Absolu, certainly.

  36. Paolo Gomez says:

    Santalum by Profumum Roma.

  37. Cornells McEssien says:

    Le Spoon du Santal

  38. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Tam Dao, cologne royale, utopia II (Ajmal), Al Haramain and Arabian Oud sandal oil

  39. Robert Howard says:

    Well Xerjoff Richwood but I stumbled upon Rising Phoenix on Etsy and he has an amazing Mysore Sandalwood Oil that I love!

  40. Kevin Turner says:

    What’s it called?

  41. Robert Howard says:

    Kevin Turner Mysore Royal reserve

  42. Kevin Turner says:

    Thanks! I’ll try a gram and see how it goes

  43. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Alexandria from xerjoff has very nice sandalwood note

  44. Jerriel Dudley says:

    Le Labo Santal 33

  45. Jerriel Dudley says:

    Tam Dao is a nice fragrance but I get little projection or siliage

  46. Сима Транингер says:

    Cadjmere by PG

  47. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    Santal 33.. u can go wrong

  48. Kevin Turner says:

    +1 for Richwood & Sacred Wood

  49. Xavier Garcia says:

    Im gonna try all these. Thanks.

  50. Clare Tanner says:

    Oud and Santal by Cartier is currently my fave.

  51. Robert Howard says:

    If you like rose you should look up musk rose and get a small tester if you order the sandlewood

  52. Yasmine Saih says:

    Encens mythique dorient from Guerlain

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