better and refine the other fragrance how can that happent?

Hi i don’t know if somebody happent the same to me,but like u can see on the pic i have club nuit intense from armaf silver sprayer and i have a whole bottled 17R01,but the nuit intense gimme more compliments then anything,even more what aventus,if is so much better and refine the other fragrance how can that happent????? i lot my nuit intense silver sprayer??


  1. Shane DeMille says:

    I enjoy love stories

  2. Gregory Andrew Duncan says:

    I keep a picture of CDIM on me at all times and guess what? Yup you guessed it. Compliments.

  3. Pinapple vintage same amount of compliments… Fraction of price. Aventus is only for collectors now.

  4. Jordan Acosta says:

    Yeah man Mike u right buddy Gregory Andrew Duncan u too man

  5. Deana Joss says:

    The best thing about Aventus is that when people photograph the bottle, they feel a compulsion to disassemble the sprayer. ?

  6. Shawn Bailey says:

    That’s because when people complain about Aventus longevity the first question is usually is it real?

  7. Jordan Acosta says:

    Deana Joss yeah girls???

  8. Jordan Acosta says:

    Daniel Wurz I do not care, that you do not care,lol i guess some people really care??????

  9. Martin Zidek says:

    Funny it’s always about compliments.. cool you enjoy both frags. I cant stand the clone in your pic. So I’ll choose the one I enjoy.. than get some damn compliments. I’m not single so its like having some random person click like on my facebook post.. who cares.. I only find posts like this only on this page ?

  10. Bradley Davis says:

    Of course CDNIM will get you more compliments because it will last 10 times longer than Aventus.

  11. Jordan Acosta says:

    Bradley Davis i think more the 10 hours on my skin

  12. Jose Ochoa says:

    I get 12 hrs from CDNIM

  13. Samuel Roldan says:

    Well you are not alone i have twice the compliments when I use club than aventus i have no idea i have 1 aventus and 3 club intense, black and silver.

  14. Jose Ochoa says:

    I have 2 Aventus an 3 CDNIM and I tend to grab CDNIM more than Aventus ?

  15. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    I have Aventus it’s cool but I really don’t get why everyone has such high praise for it, don’t get me wrong it’s cool I get complimented, but truth is more men ask what I’m wearing when I wear it! I get better reactions from women when I wear insurrection pure 2??‍♂️

  16. Cause every so once in a while you get a godly batch of it.

  17. Jordan Acosta says:

    Mike maybe man

  18. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Mike ehhh it’s cool, godly? Not to me I actually think Kilian is better than Creed ? I hope no one gets upset but??‍♂️ I spent all that money on creed products when I first started getting into fragrances, and honestly, Kilian performs way better on my skin than Creed

  19. Jordan Acosta says:

    Vennie Venividivici Williams i don’t have nothing for now from kilian

  20. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Jordan Acosta get samples, you know this fragrance thing is all subjective, what smells great on someone might not smell great on someone else’s skin.

  21. Jordan Acosta says:

    Vennie Venividivici Williams yeah u right man thanx i will do it

  22. Vennie Venividivici Williams I’m not impressed now as I was with older aventus decants years ago… I will check out killians cause of you. Any recommendations for a date night sort of frag.

  23. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Mike oh yea, black phantom, it’s good hasn’t been reformulated to hell, intoxicated, great. Back to Black is a good one, if you like strong honey gold knight! There are to many to name! I’m really a fan boy like some people get into creed but just like I tell every one test them out because what smells good on me you might not like

  24. Vennie Venividivici Williams real talk I’m about to go get me some samples lol.

  25. Jordan Acosta says:

    Jose Ochoa me2 men LoL ??

  26. Blake Caudle says:

    You’ve had your first glimpse of the Matrix and the agents operating in it.

  27. McKeebe Cary says:

    Aventus is dead folks, let’s move and let it rest I’m peace.

  28. Jordan Acosta says:

    McKeebe Cary yeah buddy RIP aventus???

  29. Nando Medina says:

    CDNIM > Aventus

  30. Adam Keichel says:

    I’ve gone through about 5, full bottles of CDNIM now, I haven’t had weeds in my yard since!

  31. Jordan Acosta says:

    Adam Keichel hahahaaha weeds??

  32. Moe Moaddab says:

    Sell me your bottle of Aventus then.

  33. Okeffe Lodrick says:

    Aventus dont last at all, especially the newer batches

  34. Jose Ochoa says:

    Sell Aventus to get 10 CDNIM

  35. Jordan Acosta says:

    Jose Ochoa lol no amigo

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