better at identifying notes and where exactly to smell them?

I wanna take the first step and admit that I’m absolutely ?@breaking down notes in fragrances, wouldn’t know ambroxan if it smacked me. Any suggestions on how I can get better at identifying notes and where exactly to smell them?(outside of fragrance)


  1. Justin White says:

    There’s only a few notes I can ever pick out. Vanilla and Tobacco

  2. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    I tried scents with shared notes to the ones i loved, and found the similarities between the two. Then I could identify the shared notes.

  3. クリアベル オベロン says:

    Buy ambroxan so you know what it smells like… it’s cheap.

  4. Darryl Smith says:

    Eric Smith you like the big brother I never had???

  5. Daniel San says:

    Excellent suggestion Eric. : )

  6. Eric Smith says:

    Daniel San anytime!

  7. Eric Smith says:

    Darryl Smith I try. ?

  8. Daniel San says:

    Yes, start practicing your scent sense by smelling individual notes or fragrances. Like get something in essential oils like lavender and smell this often until your familar with that specific note. When you smell it, really let the Fragrance sink in, think about what your smelling and memorize the smell and remember it. Then move on to a different single note/essential oil like Jasmine or musk ect. Keep doing this as often as possible with as many as you can.

  9. Darryl Smith says:

    Much appreciated I’m gonna start soon

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