bit noob, but how am I supposed to use this?

Hello guys,
Sorry for being a bit noob, but how am I supposed to use this?


  1. Keaton Crook says:

    Open the cap and figure it out

  2. Smaranda Andronovici says:

    Open, dab on skin, close.

  3. Dan Tjarks says:

    Get 11 (or so) more, a pipette or two, and a glass atmonizer from eBay… Dump what you can and then use the pipette to get every last drop moved over to the atomizer. Spray as normal. 😀

  4. Jordan Babbitt says:

    open it and dump it all in your hair.

  5. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    Pour some into your palm and wipe it on your chest.

  6. Albert Mata says:

    Dab until u can’t dab no more. Seriously just keep dabbing it all over until u feel you have enough.

  7. Michael Graves says:

    These type of samples are almost worthless

  8. Paolo Ezio says:

    Get a coffee straw and dip it in about half way and out your finger on the other end to cause suction. Pull the straw out with your finger still closed on top and then release the juice on to the back of your hand

  9. Parampal Singh Sidhu says:

    That’s actually a atomiser on the top just press hard to spray

  10. Jr Pierre says:

    Parampal Singh Sidhu ??

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