blind buy worthy or should I go for something else?

Hello everyone, I would like to ask the people who have this, what are their impressions of it. Since fall and winter will be approaching soon I wanted to grab something new, that isn’t too expensive. Is this blind buy worthy or should I go for something else? Whoever feels like it can recommend other winter fragrances that aren’t too expensive, but smell good. Thanks in advance 🙂


  1. i love this fragrance…spicebomb dna in la nuit de lhomme….with more mature vibe…cinnamon…a true spicebomb…lasts on me very not pay more than 60usd though

  2. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    Thanks for the reply. I do like Spicebomb a lot, one of my favorite designer fall/winter fragrances, so I guess I will like this as well. I can get the 100ml for 56usd and the 50ml for 27usd, so I guess that’s fine in terms of price.

  3. go for the big boy bottle as its discontinued…you can wear it for 4 fall/winter terms…very awesome under rated beauty.its a buy for sure

  4. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    Joy Amin Oh I didn’t know it is discontinued, since some stores at my country still sell it. I am definitely gonna buy it then and yeah, was looking for a new fall/winter fragrance, since I bought a lot of spring/summer ones this year. I actually own only 2 fragrances exclusive for fall/winter, so I need to upgrade my collection for those seasons.

  5. Dan August Paña-Cabrante says:

    Buy this underrated gem.

  6. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people praising this in the past and it honestly looks really nice as well, which is a bonus, so I think I will be pulling the trigger on this one!

  7. Ron Snowden says:

    Nice leather fragrance.

  8. Christopher Johnson says:

    I like it too, very nice piece. Dont be fooled by the price lol 😉

  9. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    It’s not super cheap, but it’s very affordable I would say. Plus I feel you won’t need to spray too much with this one, so the juice won’t finish fast. It’s probably gonna be my next purchase 🙂

  10. Christopher Johnson says:

    25 bucks for 50ml is as cheap as it gets bro lol

  11. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    I mean there are fragrances you can get 100ml for 25 bucks, that’s what I meant by “not super cheap”, but yeah for such a scent I think it’s definitely worth it.

  12. Kevin Reed says:

    Christopher Johnson from where

  13. Heemel Dutta says:

    It’s blind buy worthy.

  14. Carlos Colom says:

    Just used it yesterday and felt in love with it again

  15. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    Everyone seems to love this one, haven’t really heard anything bad about it. Only Robes08 said that it doesn’t last that long on him.

  16. Carlos Colom says:

    Stephanos Cassiotis well. I overspray. Mine lasted from 5am to 5pm on my clothes. The drydown got soooo good

  17. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    Carlos Colom How many sprays do you use with this one?

  18. Carlos Colom says:

    Stephanos Cassiotis more than 10

  19. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    Oh you go hardcore lol Still I think if you spray a couple of times on your clothes, it will stay for a very long time.

  20. Carlos Colom says:

    Stephanos Cassiotis for sure. Or carry a decant.

  21. Carlos Colom says:

    Nice scent for the price.

  22. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    I am definitely gonna blind buy this, I just don’t know yet if I will go for the 100ml or 50ml.

  23. Carlos Colom says:

    Stephanos Cassiotis its the 125. Dont know if they have 100?

  24. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    That is a big boy bottle ?

  25. Carlos Colom says:

    I hadnt use it in a long time. I was a fan of the Assoluto before. Bought this one and liked it didnt love it. Yesterday when I used it the resins tje citrus the leather and the woods blended so well in the drydown. I had been thinking about it my whole work shift

  26. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    On some occasions we don’t instantly love a fragrance, but the more we wear it and smell it, the more it grows on us.

  27. Carlos Colom says:

    Stephanos Cassiotis true. Agreed. Thats why I never get rid of my frags. Some have become favs

  28. Donovan Twaddle says:

    Stephanos Cassiotis So is this the Pour Homme or the Absoluto?

  29. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    Donovan Twaddle Assoluto

  30. Abbas Ali says:

    Old school, cardamom/mint/pepper bomb.

  31. Allen Curl says:

    Definitely purchase, one of my fav’s.

  32. Gourav Banerjee says:

    I really like this one. It used to be one of my cold weather staples. Perfect blend of sharp citrus, leather and tonka. Dries down to a calming and masculine sweet and spicy combo. Performance is above average in terms of sillage and longevity. Just no more than 3 sprays, as the opening can get a bit clowing.

  33. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    Thanks for the info and I will be pulling the trigger on it soon. Found it at a decent price.

  34. Gourav Banerjee says:

    Plus it can be found pretty cheap online.

  35. Dalton Kabir says:

    Love the scent..very poor performance on my skin ?

  36. Zach Malan says:

    I got a 100ml for sale boooiiiiii

  37. Donovan Twaddle says:

    Try Zara Ambre Noble.

  38. Joey Bengtson says:

    Which one is this. The OG or the Absolute?

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