Blue De Chanel or Chanel Allure homme Sport

Blue De Chanel or Chanel Allure homme Sport…. Plase leave comments !!
Wanna buy one of these 🙂


  1. Wesley Pardue says:

    I prefer Bleu out of these two, but like Edition Blanche better than both of them. The orange note in Sport just doesnt work on me.

  2. Fábio Condé says:

    i totally agree with Wesley Pardue, Edition Blanche is the best Chanel IMO

  3. Mark Alvin Ignacio says:

    What they said.

  4. Christian Bambico Sison says:

    IMHO Bleu is deeper and has that kind of a soapy touch to it but in a really good way and when you smell both there really is something that’s linking these two. If you want versatility both are in that category and can be worn any day. For me Bleu is much classier but AHS gives more projection than Bleu and has a more citrusy touch to it IMHO

  5. Adrian Miclea says:

    AHS comes to the party, behaves well, then helps you clean up when it’s all over. The best all rounder IMO – the ginger has a def cooling effect, pretty linear but pleasant, excellent longevity.

  6. Naveed Ahsan says:

    @ Sison….Who ll brake the Tie :):)

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