book on how to rock your fav fragrances for men?

Would you consider purchasing a 200 plus page book on how to rock your fav fragrances for men? If so, how much would you consider a solid purchase price for the book?


  1. W Douglas Banks says:

    Do you know Diggs?

  2. W Douglas Banks says:

    Then you wouldn’t be wearing the Viking.

  3. Eric Donte Dixon says:

    I would…far as price point idk lol

  4. Derek Ford says:

    Mind you, this is a coffee table book for frag heads. I don鈥檛 see it costing any more than $25 or $30 at most. The most expensive part is actually printing up the book. Thanks for your feedback!

  5. Jack Jackson says:

    Derek Ford would this be a one time book?

  6. Derek Ford says:

    No. I would only build on this one. Fragrances come out every month so I would probably do another book 2 years later. There鈥檚 also room for a female version.

  7. Jack Jackson says:

    Derek Ford ah I see. I was thinking you’d do this by seasons. But I was thinking more on magazine line

  8. Derek Ford says:

    Jack Jackson Great point. It will cover all four seasons for this one. Then maybe 2 or 3 yrs later do another one in all four season cycles. I like the idea of an online magazine, but that can be very expensive. The original idea was just to create a coffee table book because to be honest, when I go to The bookstores, I鈥檓 depressed that there are only but a fingertip full of book about

  9. Jack Jackson says:

    Derek Ford I think this book would do well. I haf mentioned a magazine because things change up so much. By the time a book comes out we’d be on to something different. But yes magazines could be expensive.

  10. Jack Jackson says:

    25-30 is a reason price

  11. Laika Alfonsd贸ttir says:

    c’mon don’t be so gendered, make it fragrance and style, both don’t need the gender tag! 馃槈

  12. Laika Alfonsd贸ttir says:

    oh and I’d buy it, just for the fun of nodding or shaking my head at the selection, 30 bucks.

  13. Derek Ford says:

    Laika Alfonsd贸ttir ??

  14. Laika Alfonsd贸ttir says:

    oh,. but I prefer to listen to books via Audible, can you make this an audiobook? 馃檪

  15. Derek Ford says:

    Laika Alfonsd贸ttir You know, I never thought about that. I really just wanted it to be a coffee table book. But that鈥檚 a good idea. I have to incorporate the history of fragrances into it to make it long enough.

  16. Laika Alfonsd贸ttir says:

    Derek Ford I mean, at first you’d say “how would this work?” but come to think of it, fragrance and sound are both deeply connected to how we feel, and you can include a sniffing guide. For example, tell people to sniff something they like, for example take them to a forest, after the rain, or tell them to think of rreshly cur grass, or freshly brewed coffee and connect it to style and fragrance

  17. Derek Ford says:

    That鈥檚 a great idea. Thank you for all your insight.??

  18. Keesus Crice says:

    With the hobby being so niche within itself, even fashion enthusiasm is a passion a few have, hard to gauge what there is to gain. Print is a dying medium and under the assumption you don’t have a massive cult following or an icon of the sport like Roja Dove, I couldn’t see a well made coffee table book turning the profit to break past even. But what the fuck do I know? Do you have an established Youtube channel? I’d probably hedge my bets with that and it’s a place where you can branch off from. Even then, I can’t see the most popular on youtube really banking off a book. I could be wrong, and though it is not asked for, this is my constructive critique. Always respect the hustle.

  19. Austin Cram says:

    I appreciate the hustle and all that but it鈥檚 a bit strange to me that one would release a 鈥渉ow to鈥 guide on clothes/frags. They just don鈥檛 really work like that. Frags and seasons, weather, occasions, sure, but clothing just seems too far. One man鈥檚 opinion.

  20. Austin Cram says:

    It鈥檚 all love

  21. Atinderjit Singh says:

    I’d be interested bud!

  22. Arthur J. Phillips III says:

    Everybody can’t rock that jacket tho. Top left

  23. Sebastian Wanda says:

    I am into fashion so i might be interested. Doesnt mean i am agreeing all with the style combination tho

  24. Brandon Baros says:

    I’d prefer scrolling it through a blog/site

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