Buy(♥️), Try(?), or Pass(?)?

Buy(♥️), Try(?), or Pass(?)?


  1. Domenico Spadaccini says:

    Always wanted it, supposed to be really good. It’s a buy for me if I had the chance.

  2. Neil Faulkes says:

    Try. Unique. Worth a go.

  3. Péter Plavetz says:

    Worth a try imo. If you like chanel allure homme sport you will like this one too. Not identical but a fresh crisp masculine scent in the vein of AHS. ?

  4. Ralph Grajales Perez says:

    Exactly. But leans more towards chanel allure sport extreme. One of my favorites for sure. Its a buy for me.

  5. Nate Manning says:

    No ? chemical trash

  6. Joe Ernstberger says:

    It’s a great scent

  7. Benjamin Bradley Simon says:

    Good stuff .Would be a redundant purchase if you already have AHS

  8. Daniel Faulkner says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who noticed the similarity. When AHSEE first came out, I dismissed it at first bc of its similarity to Geir Ness. Glad to have both now.

  9. Jules Lewis says:

    Tried it already glad I did but pass ??

  10. its not that long lasting…ahsee is better by far

  11. Jeff Stout says:

    Last all day on me.

  12. David Reynolds says:

    Jeff Stout I agree, it last as long as ahsee on me if not longer.

  13. Brandon Yambura says:

    I think I have a decant laying around if you would like to try it first

  14. Jacques Wilson says:

    Brandon Yambura I’m game

  15. Brandon Yambura says:

    Alright good deal. Let me PM you when I get home and find it.

  16. Jacques Wilson says:

    Brandon Yambura ?

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