C Joyce coming through on the best Chanel for

C. Joyce coming through on the best Chanel for men (IMO)! A million thanks!


  1. Goran Grivčić says:

    I have tried this several times and to tell you, i am impressed. honestly, the best from Chanel for men is Platinum Egoiste and the original Allure.

  2. Adam Keichel says:

    They really improved wearability with this new Platinum. It’s a bit fresher on me. The older tall bottle had a bit more depth though. This is a staple!

  3. Daniel Wurz says:

    Adam Keichel yup! One of the only times a “reformulation” where the newest form is better. IMO

  4. Moe Moaddab says:

    Damn y’all are going to make me buy another bottle.

  5. Daniel Wurz not really. The stuff from the 90s was very much different.

  6. Adam Keichel says:

    Roma Nik I had the “Egoiste Platinum” from the 90’s.. I know what you mean! It was so herbal lol. Smell wise though I do prefer this new formula.

  7. Taylor Reiman says:

    Vintage Egoiste sans platinum still better doe

  8. Adam Keichel says:

    Taylor Reiman Vintage Egoiste is a whole different beast lol. Ever try Cologne Concentree Egoiste?

  9. Taylor Reiman says:

    Adam Keichel yes I own all of them ?

  10. Daniel Faulkner says:

    I agree. The current version of PE is much improved over the previous one.

  11. Daniel Faulkner says:

    I agree. The current version of PE is much improved over the previous one.

  12. Daniel Faulkner i guess time to buy. always had a thing for PE since I tried it back in 1996. have a vintage bottle from 00s, but it turned… the smell is still there but I can see that it’s time to move on from that one.

  13. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Roma Nik, might as well get it now while its good!

  14. Chanel PE for summer, winter or all Year round ?

  15. Daniel Faulkner says:

    셀림라자 , personally, I wear it in the spring and fall.

  16. Adam Keichel says:

    All year for me, just adjust the sprays accordingly!

  17. Chris Joyce says:

    Anytime brotha. Thanks again

  18. Moe Moaddab says:

    My favorite Chanel

  19. Aman Ahuja says:

    Totally agree best from Chanel for men

  20. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Best dor men is Antaeus, followed by this one.

  21. Adam Keichel says:

    I never got my nose on this one. I remember reading about the love for it on basenotes though.

  22. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Bergamot, leather, musk, thyme, sage, and castoreum. That’s what I get mostly. I suggest you try it if you like manly perfumes done right.
    Many people accustomed to joop and Eros will find it dated and offensive though.

  23. Goran Grivčić says:

    Antaeaus if you’re 70 and up and living in 80s. Then maybe.

  24. Jakkapun V says:

    He’s the man!! And Chanel Platinum is also one of the best that Chanel ever released in my opinion,Never get old from time to time bro. ???

  25. Mouad Abdelhak says:

    How does it smell ?

  26. Adam Keichel says:

    Platinum or Antaeus…

  27. Adam Keichel says:

    Clean, a little soapy with a bit of freshness up top. It’s casual but it can be worn with a power suit. It’s really a swiss army knife fragrance.

  28. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    It’s the predecessor of BDC but much better. Has more character than BDC.

  29. Mike Gillespie says:

    This is the best Chanel offering for men!

  30. JD Hernandez Leon says:

    Now thats a true fragrance

  31. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    My wife usually has a ‘meh’ response to anything in my collection. But with this one… she always says I smell good. Worth the investment.

  32. Adam Keichel says:

    Mine is the same way. Very few fragrances in my collection get a reaction from my wife. This ones a keeper!

  33. Justin Davis says:

    Chris Joyce is the man!!!

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