Can anyone help me identify this plant

Can anyone help me identify this plant? I’ve had it for years from a tiny cutting (gifted from a friend who also does not know what plant it is) – it produced these beautiful flowers this time last year and has again produced them – i would love to find out the name so I can ensure I’m caring for it properly – thank you in advance


  1. Sheila Lowson says:

    Judy Day no not strepto carpus – used to know the name of it but ive forgotten now – dont see them much.

  2. Valerie Rayner says:

    A new one on me! Maybe streptocarpus.

  3. Terri Allington says:

    I have had this suggested before but I was unable to find one that matched online so couldn’t be sure – il search again

  4. Anna Marie Jenkins says:

    Terri Allington Im no expert but its lovely anyways x

  5. Terri Allington says:

    Thank you and thank you for the suggestions

  6. Coni Tipton says:

    Ask on the Plant Identification and Discussion page. Youll have an answer in minutes.

  7. Coni Tipton says:

    Just look for the name I typed in capital letters. Location doesnt matter. They do ask you to list your location tho.

  8. Coni Tipton says:

    The flowers do look like Nicotiana.

  9. Terri Allington says:

    Thank you for the recommendation – I did indeed receive an answer in minutes and a quick google search would confirm the answer as spot on – for anyone who is keen to know it is a ruellia makoyana trailling velvet plant light pink form. Thank you again for the help ?

  10. Coni Tipton says:

    Terri Allington their knowledge blows me away!! Then again, theres 200 thousand + members so someone for sure knows.

  11. Coni Tipton says:

    Its a very pretty plant by the way.

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