Can I just say that Creed ditching the 120

Can I just say that Creed ditching the 120 ml bottle sizes and charging MORE for their puny 75 ml bottles is really quite stupid and greedy on their part, and another reason why I will probably never own a Creed fragrance (but am fine with quality-made clones like Club de Nuit Intense Man). In 2 years you’ll be seeing 50 ml bottles costing 200 on online discounters. And I don’t own a Creed not because I can’t afford it but because the clones are good enough for me, and I want to put my money elsewhere. For example I bought a 300 ml bottle of Mugler Cologne and felt it was far better a deal than getting 75 ml of Original Vetiver (although in this case, the Creed was actually the clone).


  1. Thomas McCaffrey says:

    Muggler instead of Original Vetiver?…dont get me wrong I like them both and yes the Muggler is much better priced per mil….but that’s like saying “I got a bicycle instead of a car and I am happy peddling”….and if you are truly happy with clones then there would be no need to point out the rising cost of the originals as there would be no need for wanting them. I think the bottom line is – its all about personal choice and companies can/will charge what the market will bear. So I say enjoy the Muggler and never look back!

  2. Derek Enrique Ponce says:

    Fantastic point on the cost. That’s what a lot of these posts end up sounding like.

  3. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Except that OV is actually the clone. Muffler Cologne came out first (2001 vs 2004 for OV). Creed actually copied a few frags. PR XS (Himalaya), MB Individuel(Original Santal), and Mugler Cologne Original Vetiver).

  4. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Thomas, your first comment came off as though you were saying Mugler Cologne was a clone to OV. Context is hard to decipher through text so maybe that’s not what you meant. I certainly don’t think those 3 Creeds are clones per se, but they most defintely “borrowed” their scents from the aforementioned frags.

  5. Yewron Grayjoy says:

    OV is the clone in this case. Mugler Cologne is the original. Yes, OV is a more complex and slightly deeper scent but I’ve tried both and prefer Mugler Cologne – especially as Mugler Cologne lasts 12 hours on my skin while OV only lasts around 6.

  6. Yewron Grayjoy says:

    So yeah, Mugler Cologne is better in every way from OV as far as I’m concerned – longevity of scent, price per ml, originality of scent, and scent itself.

  7. Yewron Grayjoy says:

    on the contrary i think Mugler Cologne is one of the greatest fragrances ever made and I bought a 300 ml bottle of it for that reason lol. in fact its probably my favourite fragrance of all time.

  8. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Thomas, I don’t love either Mugler Cologne or OV, but they’re nice to wear on warm days. ??

  9. Ryan Snow says:

    I will say I tried a clone of Viking and am now dealing with a pretty serious allergic reaction, the rash did not happen with the real thing. That said I can not justify the current price so I will just wear something else

  10. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    Yea and Creed’s pricing is also largely influenced by the decanting community us frag heads birthed as well as grey market channels. It’s a balancing act. I haven’t paid full retail for a creed bottle since…2011 i think.

  11. Lyle Hornbaker says:

    Everyone makes judgements about value. Others may feel drugstore Old Spice or Pinaud Clubman “are a better deal.”

    Myself, Creed is just about the top amount I’m willing to pay for fragrance, but that’s just me.

  12. Sebastian Wanda says:

    It’s easy for me. I can’t afford creed, it’s so liberating. My OS is a gift from my father. Creed is good, but many other fragrances are good too.

  13. Daniel Faulkner says:

    The rising price of high end frags is definitely unsatisfactory, but that’s why I don’t pay retail.

  14. Stéphane Gauthier says:

    I dont have an opinion about Creed scents in general, I’m usually underwhelmed by them (was expecting too much I guess) . But if I was the CEO at Creed or whatever, I would raise the prices even more considering how loyal the fans are. I’m willing to believe people who love Creed have a better nose than I do so maybe I’m missing something

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