Can someone explain this to me?

Can someone explain this to me? Ive only been doing promoted listings a month or so but these numbers dont make any sense to me. Thanks so much


  1. Tor Kjetil Johansson says:

    First number is people reached (product placed in from of person on either a pc or mobile) second number is actual people that clicked on your listing.

  2. Tor Kjetil Johansson says:

    Third number 0.08 is what you pay per person clicking on your product and 4th number is what you have spent so far.

  3. Tor Kjetil Johansson says:

    I would not bid much more on this product as it is only $21 dollar and you have already spent almost $8 on the promotion

  4. Elaine Hall says:

    Thank you. What Im confused about is that 88 clicks times .08 does not equal $7.71.

  5. Tor Kjetil Johansson says:

    Non problem. Well the 0.08 is just a average cost. I see your cap is set at 0.10 so you might have a few 0.10 bids in there also

  6. Elaine Hall says:

    Tor Kjetil Johansson thank you. That makes sense.

  7. Hayley Kellard says:

    I would suggest your conversion is an issue here, perhaps processing time or postage is putting customers off. That’s an awful lot of clicks and no orders. I think your bid amount looks ok but maybe lower it so it’s not costing so much and review your listing.

  8. Elaine Hall says:

    Hayley Kellard thank you.

  9. Sarah Morgan Gumbrecht says:

    Well you have the word Christmas 5 times and the word dish towel 3 times. If you unstuff that title and add more keywords you will have a much better chance of being found organically

  10. Elaine Hall says:

    Sarah Morgan Gumbrecht yes, you’re right. Thanks.

  11. Daryl Canonigo says:

    Perhaps we need to understand your product better as well as mentioned above at an industry standard 2% conversion you should have at least 1-2 sales with 88 clicks. Is this a singular towel or a set of dish towels? Is the embroidery personalized or no…

  12. Elaine Hall says:

    Daryl Canonigo thanks so much. Way more info than I was originally asking for but valuable nonetheless. Appreciate it.

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