Can someone tell me what this flower is called

Can someone tell me what this flower is called please


  1. Sandra Mitchell says:

    I think they are white chrysanthemums

  2. Annie Jaikar says:

    What is the id of the leaves at the back?

  3. Amanda Anderson says:

    Chrysanthemum, or could be Asters! What do their leaves look like? Because, they could even be a variety of Dahlia.

  4. Adele Cosgrove says:

    I was bought these and liked them a lot

  5. Wendy Lockman says:

    Love these flowers we call them Mothers day flowers they seem to be given out that time of year.

  6. Jennie Marx says:

    Yes, often abbreviated to ‘mums’, so really appropriate for Mothering Sunday in March.

  7. Sandra Apking Barrett says:

    The mum? Or the little flower above it?

  8. Jane T. Pollard says:

    I love your little bunny. Could you possibly take a photo of IT? Closer, larger? It would mean a lot to me.
    And the flower?
    Chrysanthemum, for sure. Clean scent. ♡

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