Chanel allure homme sport eau extreme edp blind buy worthy?

IS Chanel allure homme sport eau extreme edp blind buy worthy?


  1. Curtis Canady says:

    the 1 im interested in getting is made is 2015

  2. Bernard Alexander says:

    To my nose it is

  3. Tajay Campbell says:

    Yesss. Compliment getter too

  4. Curtis Canady says:

    what i like to hear! haha

  5. Albert Sandoval says:

    I think it is, very safe and pleasing.

  6. Hector Rivera says:

    Yup, its hyper Crowd pleasing

  7. Kyle Tennant says:

    I have a 5oz bottle almost new Id sell if you decide you’re going to purchase full presentation

  8. Jake Magill says:

    Its safe, but the more you get into frags the less you will care for this one. Its not special in any way

  9. Jeedy Jee says:

    i actually prefer the allure homme over the sport. dries down amazing and gets lots of compliments from women

  10. Jeedy Jee says:

    also, definitely recommend the new bleu parfum from chanel. i hated bleu for awhile because everyone has it, but this version made me cave in.

  11. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Depends, what are you going to use it for, date night, work, or casual. To me eau extreme works best in cooler weather, the sweetness and musk smell gorgeous. You should get a sample or decant before you blind buy a Chanel, there expensive. My blind buy rule $25 or less.

  12. Cruz Stark says:

    I remember smelling it a while ago and really wasnt impress , well this past fathers day my wife got it for me and dont know if my nose change or what but i really really like it , few compliments at work already , i feel its like if they mixed the original allure and the sport one

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