close is it prada luna rosa carbon from sauvage ?

How close is it prada luna rosa carbon from sauvage ? And without comparing it is it a good fragrance?


  1. Alonzo Eddie says:

    Nah not close. Sauvage is better. Go to Macy’s and see for yourself. You will get mixed reviews.

  2. Maxime Marcoux says:

    It’s fairly fucking close. Basically Sauvage with added lavender. I don’t like lavender, so I don’t like it that much. Also Sauvage is better than Carbon

  3. Carlos Munoz says:

    Not as spicy or metallic like Sauvage.

  4. Josh Chan says:

    The new coach one comes closer

  5. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Not as loud, or over powering, to me it’s like a nice barbershop scent because of the lavender

  6. David Robinson says:

    It’s like sauvage but not terrible.

  7. Cruz Stark says:

    I have a sauvage sample coming in the mail but was wondering bout the prada , i luna rosa sport and i really like it

  8. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    I have all the Lunna Rossa flankers, they wear so well on my skin

  9. Alonzo Eddie says:

    The sport is actually the best one from the Luna rossa line. The black is good also. Carbon is meh

  10. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Alonzo Eddie Black is really nice

  11. Ralph Grajales Perez says:

    Vennie Venividivici Williams damn. I only have the sport and regular luna rosa. You have carbon, extreme and black? They also wear sooo good on me.

  12. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    Ralph Grajales Perez yea man most of the Prada’s do well on my skin so I like to stick with what wears well on me

  13. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    I dont think I have the extreme though

  14. Vennie Venividivici Williams says:

    But lhomme is my sh**

  15. Giovanni Garotti says:

    Carbon has more refinement, less deodorant smell but still 80% of similarity

  16. Natan Barros Freitas says:

    Not even close. I find this Prada close to Lalique L’Insoumis, but Lalique is a very green scent, and Prada opens up fresh and dries down to a very soapy creamy semi sweet scent, almost a bar of soap

  17. Brandon Yambura says:

    I own both but only because I got Carbon dirt cheap. They’re extremely close but Sauvage has much better performance and is more peppery and metallic I think. Basically Carbon is a more toned down and refined version of Sauvage.

  18. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    They’re ridiculously close, it’s damn near a clone. Carbon is basically Sauvages older brother, Sauvage is the younger and obnoxious one while Carbon is more subtle, little more mature and refined. Sauvage has much better performance. I prefer Sauvage EDP, it shares similar qualities to Carbon but keeps the Dior Sauvage performance.

  19. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    Very similar but better in my opinion. It doesn’t have the sharpness of Sauvage and quite a bit less of the metallic note. Solid performance on my skin too.

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