Coco Chanel EDP or EDT or Chanel no5 for

Coco Chanel EDP or EDT or Chanel no5 for a guy is it worth the risk or not


  1. Coco is very feminine no5 is more clean soapy smell

  2. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    Go for NO°5 for sure ! EdT during spring and EdP autumn-fall…
    Enjoy a classic…maybe the definition of classicness ! 🙂

  3. Bradley Davis says:

    Umm…. Chanel No. 5 is for women and it stinks.

  4. Lëah Dolly Davies says:

    I think No.5 can work for a man, sure. I’d go for the EDT though. Coco is far more feminine, so I think it would be harder to pull off.

  5. Abdulrahman Jaafeer says:

    None of them are good for a guy.

  6. Bethany Torisky Szumigale says:

    Alright, don’t believe everything that you read.

    Both Chanel #5 and Chanel Coco are brilliant on a man. Hands down spectacular.

  7. Maximos Akrivos says:

    I like Coco Noir. A bit more mature and a guy can pull off

  8. Shane DeMille says:

    Coco is awesome. During the first hour, it’s more feminine, but after that, it’s golden, totally unisex, in fact, it’s actually somewhat masculine according to my wife. I liked it so much that I bought a 100 ml bottle last night at the Chanel Boutique in Vegas. And it lasts forever and a day!

  9. Shane DeMille says:

    As far as Chanel No.5, I like the EDT better because it has that civet note mingling with the flowers, making it decidedly more masculine. Doesn’t last longer than average but enjoyable nonetheless.

  10. Daniel Joffe says:

    I don’t really wear florals or almost any “women’s” scents but I own and sometimes wear the Eau Premier No 5 which to me is basically a clean soapy with floral. I like it in he spring or for suit and tie.

  11. Joshua Hoke says:

    I think Chanel No. 5 EDP is easiest for guy to pull off out of those

  12. Alicia Royal says:

    Don’t use chanel no.5 if your a guy. Only old women wear that where I live. Get the Coco Chanel edt or edp.

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