consider a niche version of Dolce and Gabbana The One?

A question guys:What perfume would you consider a niche version of Dolce and Gabbana The One?


  1. T.j. Bennett says:

    Bass solo by vagabond prince. Smells exactly like it but way better sillage and performance. Expensive though

  2. T.j. Bennett says:

    Israel Gonzales has it

  3. Israel Gonzales says:

    Yup I’m selling decants ?

  4. Brad Woolslayer says:

    I never got the comparison between Bass Solo and The One. I’ve seen other niche comparison to The One that I didn’t agree with as well. I think the only correct answer, as dumb as it may sound, is Aventus.

  5. David Goolcharran says:

    Brad Woolslayer like are you messing with us lol. Aventus smell 0% like it. I was skeptical about bass solo and held off for a long time because of the price but I was texting Israel when I first put it on and it blew my mind how similar but stronger it was

  6. Marlon Guzman says:

    Aventus?? Pleass stop

  7. Israel Gonzales says:

    There was an old school fragrance reviewer that went by NewYork FragranceBlog that made the original comparison. Too bad he deleted his channel. Yeah… Aventus is so played out, it’s almost like you should say it’s the Acqua di Gio of niche, but only …See More

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