Could anyone recommend something nice to go in here

Could anyone recommend something nice to go in here. Tia


  1. Denise Morgans says:

    Lobelia or Fuchsia

  2. Noreen Skelton says:

    Trailing Fushias

  3. Carolyn Hughes says:

    sweet potato plants

  4. Alexander Anderson says:

    Choose something red.

  5. Lauren White says:

    Lampranthus trailing then something tall at back like fuchsias (:

  6. Gloria Burt says:

    I love this planter I would love this for my son as he has a Vespa ? could you tell me where I could find one , trailing Fushias would look fine x

  7. Sandra Hanson says:

    A trip to Stonehenge?

  8. Doming Custodio says:

    Depending on where you are, how about an orchid? Phaelenopsis, or

  9. Gwynneth West says:

    Hauxwell Red pelargoniums

  10. Teresa Arminda says:

    Moody It would look good if you painted it. I paint concrete gives it new life

  11. Dan Wells says:

    Ice and beer on a hot day ?

  12. Richard Taylor says:

    A biker gnome

  13. Taffy Weir says:

    Succulents would do very well

  14. Maree Isaac says:

    Small succulents , as long as it has a drainage hole

  15. Jill Hathaway says:

    Erigium daisy, would look very pretty

  16. Sharon Barlow says:

    Hen n chicks or English English Daisy’s

  17. Keith Murphy says:

    There is a new miniature hosta that would look great in that pot.

  18. Raylene Palenski says:

    Yep succulents you can get some really nice ones ❤️

  19. Ellen Lesburg says:

    Please share what method you use to plant seeds. I’ve tried often and they don’t do well. If they come up at all, they’re straggly. Thank you!

  20. Brendan McKeon says:

    African Violets, with that partial north-side light ?

  21. Katt Dagostino says:

    A trailing Lobelia would look nice.

  22. Jetta Savala says:

    Medina Lavenders love the smell

  23. Jean Sandstrom says:

    Creeping Jenny

  24. Marriam Butt says:

    I would prefer Boston fern

  25. Margaret Russell says:

    Lovely where did you get it please ?

  26. Mick Gardner says:

    Yep get rid of the scooter and put a nice potted plant there. Ha ha ?

  27. Sherrie Ring says:

    Where did you get the planner

  28. Loren Thornton says:

    Rose’s ????

  29. Margaret Southall says:

    Bright red geraniums and blue trailing lobellia

  30. Jackie Prior says:

    It looks very shallow, and will dry out so remember to water regularly . You might want to add some water retention granules x

  31. Yvonne Harris says:

    Put some herbs in it

  32. Christine Griffin says:

    I got little Pretty Violas in mine, they even lasted all year.XX

  33. Martha Probst says:

    Shive How about ivy??

  34. Bj O'Riley says:

    What about Irish moss

  35. Karina Summer says:

    Hi were did u get that plz

  36. Janet Holmes says:

    Bryant Succulents

  37. Angela Nickson says:

    I would say 1 red or pink geranium as they don’t need alot of water they tolerate being dry as your scooter planter is shallow ?

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