Could somebody give me a short description of the smell?

This just in. I blind bought it for a fair price but I am having doubts about its legitimacy… Could somebody give me a short description of the smell? I get mainly citrus with a “green” resinous background and something a little bit sweet.


  1. Ahmad Giballi says:

    Looks real to me, citrus light opening, with pine smell and cinnamonish quality with woods. Your description could be accurate too. I was meh at first then fell head over heels with it

  2. Ganesh Iyer says:

    Sounds real. Opens very similar to halston z14 then goes on a green journey

  3. Abhijeet Bhediya says:

    No pine. Cypress is a juniper

  4. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    Thanks guys! I don’t know the Z14 but now I am getting that “polo green” vibe. It is very light though… it is normal?

  5. Ganesh Iyer says:

    Yep, from my recollection that’s right on the green vibe. Not sure about strength – someone who owns it would know better

  6. Abhijeet Bhediya says:

    I want this one too

  7. P.J. Taillon says:

    Saurabh Sinha that guy is looking for Italian Cypress

  8. Saurabh Sinha says:

    I have the 2012 version. If you are not wow’ed. Money back!

  9. Saurabh Sinha says:

    It should smell like freshly cut tree. A highly highly refined polo green. Not in a chemical mess kinda way. Highly refined way.

  10. Rahman Shaukat says:

    I can make you a 5ml decant to compare.

  11. Michael C. Miller says:

    Ya this is a niche version of vintage Halston Z14

  12. Kevin Holt says:

    Halston is horrible, I just smelled it for the first time

  13. Michael C. Miller says:

    Kevin Holt New Z14 smells nothing like vintage

  14. Kevin Medlock says:

    Vintage Halston, to a tee!

  15. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Agree with the Z14 resemblance. It’s a rip if you ask me

  16. John Christian says:

    I get a pine ? open air vibe with a hint of citrus it’s a lovely scent but sadly it’s performance and longevity is very disappointing I have the same issues with azure lime Arabian wood and mandarino Di Amalfi

  17. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    John Christian indeed is on the light side… Smell is good but not awesome.

  18. Nouman Zafar says:

    Yes almost same smell u are describing

  19. Pepe Villalobos Duque says:

    Thank you to everybody who contributed!

    I was wondering because I bought an used bottle (missing like 4 or 5ml), it has some floaters and the scent is on the light side. I read that it is very similar to Patchouli Absolu and I was not seeing that.

    It did linger for a while (5 hours more or less), matchs the smell description you people were giving me and I really saw the comparison to Patchouli Absolu in the drydown. Well I think I’m fine. Thanks!

  20. Scott Wilbur says:

    Very similar to Vintage Halston Z14 before they cut the Oakmoss.

  21. Kevin Medlock says:

    Yes! I wore them both on different arms at the same time, just to see, and couldn’t tell the difference between the two from start to finish.

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