Creed Aventus at Tjmaxx Chicago

Creed Aventus at Tjmaxx Chicago ?


  1. Евгений Миркин says:

    Looks totally real to me

  2. Joseph Chevy Dippen says:

    200$ lol

  3. Diego Hernandez Sierra says:

    That isn’t a bad price

  4. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    Yeah it’s near retail for a 75 ml way to high

  5. Robert LaCombe says:

    Yeah, $200 or so over here also in San Antonio for 75ml. Marshalls.

  6. Евгений Миркин says:

    Michigan st.

  7. Heather Emmons says:

    We never get anything but tommy and curve what the heck

  8. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    200 for a 75 ml? They can keep it lol you can get a 120ml from JZ for 198 allllll day.

  9. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    Jon Zimmerman

  10. James Johnson says:

    Is that an individual here in the group

  11. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    That’s a individual, prolly the biggest name on this board.

  12. Daniel Cody Butler says:

    Jon Zimmerman

  13. Steve Thaw says:

    JZ is not a member of FGN, he also does not have an endless supply of Aventus.

  14. Евгений Миркин says:

    Lol it’ll go down to 99,99 when no one get it ???

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